Unique Lawn Garden Statues

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Giraffe Mother Concrete 

Mother Giraffe Concrete Statue

This unique Large Concrete Giraffe, will delight your family and friends, this statue is Tall 44"  and 22"  wide, its weight is around 160 Pounds . Be the first to obtain such a wonder full creature, large enough to stick over larger flowers, also see the baby we make, Lawn Ornaments or Back Yard Art Garden Statues

Plain $150   Colored $250


Baby Giraffe Garden Statue

Baby Concrete Giraffe Statue

This cute Baby Giraffe has great detail and will draw your neighbor s eyes to your yard, this statue is  Tall and   Wide and its weight is is , looks great with its mother

Plain Concrete Price $40   Stained Price $74.99


3 Piece Hippo concrete Garden Statue

3 Piece Hippo Garden Statue

This cute 3 piece Hippo is flat on one side making light weight and great around pools,rivers,ponds,creeks,streams or just in your garden. this will amaze your friends and a great way to start up a conversation . comes either stained or plain concrete, will last for years 

Plain Price $10

Stained sealed price $20. 


Artic Wolf Concrete Statue

Artic Wolf Plain concrete

This 22 inch tall and 23 inches long this concrete wolf is plain concrete


Artic Wolf Stained

This is 22 inch tall and 23 inches long this concrete wolf stained and sealed for long lasting colour

Price $150

Elephant Concrete Statues

Small Sitting Elephant Concrete

Small Elephant Statue

This is 10 inches tall just like our larger one above but small with great detail .

Price Stained$39.99

Price plain concrete $25


Medium Sitting Concrete Elephant

Baby Elephant Sitting Medium Size

Baby Concrete Elephant in the sitting position is 16 inches tall, great detail, every wrinkle can be seen, this also is casted as a large fountain topper, so water can flow out of his spout, added price $5

Concrete only $55

Stained $79.99



Large Standing Elephant Concrete

Concrete Elephant Statue

This 23 high by 29 inch long Concrete Elephant brings good luck to any home or garden area. This is a new statue for us in 2014, so order early as we sold out our first casting, approx Weights is 60 pounds

Price concrete only $70

Stained Price $99

Aries The Ram Head

Aries The Ram Stained 2 sided

This 15 inches tall and 13 wide solid concrete great for the Aries Sign, The Ram ,this is 2 sided and looks great in any space



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