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Concrete Walkway Stones

Walkway Stones Made From Concrete

Welcome to my Walkway Stones, Patio Stones, Designer Stones I cast here in Nova Scotia, Canada All of MY stones on this page are thick enough to walk on, and use for human traffic in Pathways, Patios, Walkways or just a nice place to put a stone to stand on with lots of design from Dog Paw Patio stones to Leaf Stones, Take a look, we service New Brunswick,Nova Scotia,Newfoundland Canada

.All stones on this page can be walked on, they are thick enough not to break if gravel is placed under the stone before you sit it in place for drainage,

Crescent Stone pathway making stone

Crescent Stone  Walkways making stone

 Crescent stone flat used in designs and Garden Walkways to make great detailed curves in you design with ease..Pure concrete stones size  

Price $ 10


Dog Paw Stepping Stones 


16 inch Dog Paw Stepping Stones

   Dog Paw Stepping Stones good for Concrete Patio or walkway stones is over 2 inches thick, solid concrete

Code 15x5.50

Price $12 Each 

Gargoyle Stepping concrete Stone



Gargoyle Stepping concrete Stone

Gargoyle Concrete stepping stones, 18 inch by 18 by 2 inches thick, This stone can be walked on and is sealed after the stain is put on , so it will last for years




Dog Bone Stepping Stone

 Dog Bone Stepping Stone.

Small Bone Stepping Stone is 10 inches long and 1.75 inches thick, Can be walked on

Price $3.00 


 Log End Garden Stone Walkways

Crescent Log End Stones Concrete

Garden Stone Walkways with Huge Crescent log ends the size is 23 inches by 15 inches by 1.75 inches thick 

Code 10 x 7.45

Price Plain $19    Stained $29

Log End concrete stepping stones


Log End concrete stepping stone

 large extra thick Log Concrete stepping stones,   size is 19 by 18 inches 

Code 15x

Price plain $15

 Stained  $19.99 


Small log end stepping stone

12 inch Log End Walking Stone

this stone matches the larger one but just smaller


Lg Bare Foot Stones

Large Bare Foot Stepping Stones 

24 inches long and 2 inches thick, largest bare foot stone we carry, great to take up a large walk way, 2 stones take you over 4 feet

Code 15x14

Price per Pair $30

Small Bare Feet Stepping Stones

.Small Bare Feet Stepping Stone

 sold in sets and are 10 inches long, thick 1.75 inches and wide 

Set Price $10


Shoe Stepping Stones

Shoe Stepping Stones


Shoe stepping stones are sold in pair's , great for walk ways  and are over 2 inches thick, 12 inches long and 7 inches wide

Code 10x6 

Price $10 a set 


Flip Flop stepping stones

Flip Flop Stepping stones

 set of Flip Flop stepping stones are 12 inches long and al most 2 inches thick, comes either plain concrete or stained, they are sold in pairs.

Code 15x7.50

 Pair $10

Stained Pair $14.99 


Stepping Stones -Concrete Paver

Light house Stones

This 7 inch round  by 1 and 1/2 inch stone of a light house. sealed.Concrete Paver  Price $6.00 

Duck stepping Stones

This 7 inch round  by 1 and 1/2 inch stone of a Duck,concrete Paver

Price $6.00. 

Moose Stepping Stones

This 7 inch round  by 1 and 1/2 inch stone of a, concrete Paver

Price $6,00 

Nautical Stepping Stones

Crab Shaped Walking Stones

This is a 15 by 16 by 2 inch thick stepping stone is shaped like a Crab will work great in a Nautical Theme, picture above is colored for example of what you can do

Price $13

Frog Shaped Walking Stones

This is 15 by 15 by 2 inch thick walking stone, will work good in any theme that has water as a title.picture above is colored for example of what you can do

Price $13

 Lilly Dragon Fly  Shaped Stones

This is a 15 by 15 by 2 inch thick walking stone with Nautical Theme in Mind.picture above is colored for example of what you can do

Price $13

Stepping stones

Turtle Stepping stones

Turtle Stepping stones is shaped like a turtle and can be walked on, 12 inches long,11 inches wide, great for turtle lovers or just for the kids The stone is 2 inches thick , discounts for  orders over 12

Code 15x2.90

Price plain concrete $8 or Stained for $14


Dog Paw stones

This  Dog Paw stone is thicker then our other stone that looks the same size, but this stone can be walked on.. 

Price $12

Rock Crab Walking Stone

Crab Concrete Walking Stone

$15 size 16 by 13 inches

Sand Dollar Stepping Stones

This Large Sand Dollars Stepping Stones

large Sand Dollar Concrete stepping stone is 12 inches by 2 inches thick, can be used In combination with the smaller one to form a Garden walkways

Code 15x3.10

Price $8 each

This Small Sand Dollars Stepping Stones

small sand dollar Concrete stepping stones is 8 inches by 2 Inches thick, can be used In  combination with the larger one to form a nice  Garden walkways

Price  3 for $10 dollars

Star Fish stepping stone

Star Fish Stepping Stones

 13 inch wide and 3 inch thick stepping stones will bring the sea to your yard to complete the Marine theme in your space. Good  Patio Idea

code 15x3

Price  $8 Stained  $ 15

Sea Shell- Stepping Stones


Sea Shell - Stepping Stones

 12 inch wide Sea Shell Stepping Stones is 2 inches thick so you may use them as a stepping stone, Patio Idea for a Nautical

Code 15x3.60

Price $8


Fire Dept Stepping Stone


Fire Dept Stepping Stone Plain $10  colored $18

Sail Boat Walking Stone

Sail Boat Walking Garden Stone

8 inch wide 2 inch thick


Sea Horse Round concrete steppng stone

Sea Horse Nautical Garden Stone

2 inches thick 7 wide concrete lawn stepping stone


Small Bass Fish walking stone

Nautical Bass Fish Stone

10 inch wide 2 thick walking stone

Bass Fish


Bear Stepping stone small

Small concrete 8 inch Bear stone


Deer Small concrete stepping stone

Small Deer Concrete Stepping Stone

8 inch wide raised Deer



Heart Stepping Stone

Heart Stepping Stone

12 wide concrete heart shaped stone


Beautiful Heart shaped stone will enhance any garden

410 Shot Gun Stepping Stone

410 Shot Gun Shell Stepping Stone

12 inches wide and 2 inches thick

$10  OR $15 Colored

Shot Gun Shell Stepping Stones

12 Gauge Shot Gun Shell stepping stone

16 inches wide and over 2 inches thick

Plain concrete $13   Colored price $18.99

Rhubarb Leaf Walking Concrete Stone

.Rhubarb Leaf Walking Concrete Stone

concrete stone its size is 15 inches by 2 inches thick, in picture stone is stained ,sold stained or plain concrete

Price plain $13   Price Stained $18.99

Ivy Leaf Walking Stones

Ivy Leaf Stepping Stone 

Ivy shaped stepping stones  are 1.75 inches thick

 Price plain $8   Price  $12


Hosta Leaf Walking Stone Concrete

Placeholder Image

Hosta Leaf Walking Stone Concrete 

 14 inch wide stone by 1.75 inches thick , comes either stained or plain concrete

Price Plain $13  Price Stained $17.99 

Huge Oak Leaf Walking Stone Concrete

Huge Oak Leaf Walking Stone Concrete

 Oak Tree Leaf Stepping Stone its size is 17 long and 10 inches wide and 1.75 Inches Thick made of pure concrete,

Price Plain $10   Price Stained $14.99    


Flower Walking Stones

Plain Concrete Flower stones

 16 inch stone by 2 inch thick great for patios Garden walkways , this stone is just plain concrete 


Price $13

Stained Flower Walking Stones

 16 inch stone by 2 inch thick great for patios walkways , this stone is stained and come in a assortment of colors, Garden Stone Walkways too

Price $18.99

Sun Flower Stepping Stones

Sun Flower Stepping Stone.

 15.5 by 15.5 by 2 inch thick walking stone is shaped like a Sun Flower


Price $13  Colored Price $17.99


Loonie Stepping stone


Large Loonie Stepping stones.

 Large Loonie Stepping stones is 17 inches wide and 2 inches thick,Garden walkways, Concrete Patio, Landscaping Stones,

Code 15x6.10

 Price plain $13

Price Stained $ 18.99


Ride Hard Bikers Walkway Stone


Ride Hard Bikers Walkway Stone 16 inches by 2

$15 pl and $29 P

Butterfly Stepping Stones


Butterfly Stepping Stones

 12 inch by 9 INCH by 2 inches

Code 15x2.50

Price $8

Stained Stepping Stones

 12 inch by 9 inch by  2 inch

Price $12.99