Unique Lawn Garden Statues

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We Service Atlantic Canada, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia with  Made in Canada products from Concrete or Cement for Garden, Back Yards for out door Use

Garden Mushroom Statues

Collect all your Family Members of Mushroom People

Our collection of Mushroom People, there are over 40 different Concrete mushrooms,  favorite Mushroom sculpture's  like Baseball or Hockey, Boxer, Golf, Football and Baby with Soother, even a long pig tailed Girl, School Girl,School Boy, Lots of Occupations including Mushroom People like Police, Miner, Army, Chef, Navy,Air Force, Judge,cowboy Indian,

From emotions like Crying garden mushrooms,Smiling Eyes, Winking, Big Nose,Goofy, The Drunk, then you have your Nationalities from Indian, French Man, China Man, Reggae, even a beach bum, School Girl,School Boy,Viking, Pirate, Clown,Party Girl, comes in two pieces, Mushroom Garden Decor, Concrete Yard Art, Lawn Ornaments , Magic Mushrooms, Mushroom Sculptures Mushrooms

18 Inches Tall and a weight of 25 Kg






Mushroom People

 Mushroom Garden Decor

Fire Man  garden Mushrooms

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Fire Man  Garden Mushrooms

These well designed sculpted fireman concrete Mushrooms, , this concrete statue can be diy concrete mushroom by painting it once you get it home, come in two pieces, concrete yard art

 $45   $75


Chef Concrete Mushrooms

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Chef Mushroom Concrete Statue

 Concrete statue of a Mushroom People a Chef or Baker, Great detail Mushroom statue, garden mushroom GARDEN DECOR

 $45    $75

Builder Concrete Mushroom 

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Builder Concrete Mushrooms

 Mushroom people great impression of a builder putting his hard hat on, Mushroom statues, add to your family of mushroom people in your Mushroom Garden.

 $45     $75

Nurse Concrete Mushroom 

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Nurse Concrete Mushroom  Statue

 2 piece concrete Nurse mushroom Statue, height around 18 in and 16 across the top of the head

Concrete Yard Art, Mushroom Garden

 $45    $75

Party Girl Concrete Mushrooms 

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Magic Mushrooms Party Girl.

 lawn ornaments are garden mushrooms, even magic mushrooms, as you grow your Mushroom Garden with Party Girl Mushroom People

 $45     $75


Golfer Mushroom People

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Golfer Mushroom Garden Statue

 Golfer Mushroom People great gift for the Golfer in your life, comes in two pieces, Golfing Tournaments, Mushroom Statue, Make a Mushroom Garden of Concrete Mushrooms lawn ornaments

 $45           $75. 


Viking Concrete Mushrooms 

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 Viking Concrete Mushrooms Mushroom People

 Great for family members that heritage is from the Viking home land, and want to represent , concrete mushrooms, garden mushroom and mushroom sculptures

 $50       $65


Biker Concrete Mushrooms 

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Biker Concrete Mushrooms Statue.

 16 inch tall concrete Mushrooms of a Biker, garden statue, concrete yard art, Mushroom Garden Decor

 $45                 $75

  Baby Concrete Mushrooms 

Young Children Concrete Mushrooms with Personality Plus

Baby Mushroom with Soother


Baby Mushroom with Soother

 Garden Mushroom statue of a Small a baby with a soother, one of the mushroom people, Size 8 inches Tall, , by painting it once you get home, Mushroom Garden. lawn ornament found in Canada

 $10        $20.

Young Boy Glasses Mushroom 


Young Boy with Glasses, Mushroom Statue

 8 in High concrete garden Mushrooms Statue of a girl with pig Tails, great mushroom sculpture of a mushroom Garden Statue $10          $20.

Child Girl Mushroom People


Young Girl, Mushroom People.

 Mushroom People is a mushroom sculpture of a young Girl Mushroom People, Concrete Garden Mushroom People around 8 inches tall comes in two pieces, Garden statue, concrete yard art, lawn ornament,made in Canada

 $10         $20

Medium Concrete garden Mushroom

Medium Garden Mushroom Cement

9 inches tall 6 wide


concrete Mushrooms


3 Concrete Mushrooms.

 Concrete Mushrooms are Embryo, great from gifts of expected mothers to add to there family of concrete Garden Mushrooms, they are two pieces

 $10 each       $20

mushroom Sculpture no spots


concrete Mushrooms sculpture of Embryo, great from gifts of expected mothers to add to there family of concrete Garden Mushrooms, they come in two pieces,lawn ornaments seen all over New Brunswick and Newfoundland

 $10    $20

Mushroom Fairy Home or Gnome Home

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Large Mushroom Gnome House

 Amazing concrete Mushroom  Gnome HOME or Mushroom House is 20 INCHES TALL, 19 INCHES WIDE, the weight is around 175 pounds of solid concrete which will last for years, it has window doors and a chimney on this Fairy Home, a unique Lawn Ornament

 $90                $160


Mushroom Stool Garden Statue

Concrete Mushroom Stool Garden Statue


Solid Concrete Mushroom Seat, comes either stained or plain concrete, this unique lawn ornament can be used as well and will stand out in your Yard

Price Plain $80       $135

Mushroom Grden Seat with foot stool

Mushroom Garden Seat with foot stool