Unique Lawn Garden Statues

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We Service Atlantic Canada, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia with  Made in Canada products from Concrete or Cement for Garden, Back Yards for out door Use

Male Fawn Deer Laying

Male Fawn Deer Laying


Price  $30  stained/sealed $60

Laying Fawn Deer Statue


 Female Fawn Deer Laying Statue

 10 inch Tall, 8 inch wide and 13 inches long concrete Fawn Concrete Deer Statue in the laying position, Lawn Ornament has good detail and would make a great addition to any back yard, this statue is stained and sealed for out door use.  Weight of statue is 20 lbs
Price  $30  stained/sealed $60


Large Laying Concrete Deer


Large Laying Concrete Deer doe.

 Laying Deer Statue is 28 inches long and 23 high, its weight is 142 lbs, comes stained or just plain concrete see picture

Concrete Deer, Animal Garden Statue, Home Decor to its best

Price  $150      Price Painted $ 250

Laying Buck Concrete Deer Statue

Laying Buck Deer Large

This Laying Concrete Deer Statue is 28 inches long and 25 high, its weight is 143 lbs, comes stained or just plain concrete see picture , antlers are hand made of aluminum, we make only 2 a year , stained sealed

Price $250 stained

Price plain concrete $ 200


Standing Concrete Deer Lawn Ornaments

Adult Standing Deer

31 inches tall and 28 inches long Standing Concrete Deer Statue, bring lots of old blankets when transporting this deer,metal is in the legs for support

$140 plain and $200 colored

Small Concrete Standing Deer Garden Statue

Fawn Standing Deer Garden Statue

Size is 18 inch long and 24 inch tall

Plain concrete deer $100   Colored $150