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Our Concrete Benches

Welcome to our web site, we manufacture a wide range of Concrete Benches, Memorial Benches, Park Benches and some unique Frog Benches and Gargoyle Benches and Tables, All of our larger Benches have re-bar metal or wire mesh added for strength. Memorial concrete benches can have decals added with names dates or pictures.

Service Atlantic Canada, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia with  Made in Canada products from Concrete, Cement for Garden, Back Yards for outdoor Use, Statuary, Garden Ornaments, Landscaping Products and Figurines

Gargoyle Bench Concrete

Code 4x110

Gargoyle Bench Concrete

This 4 feet long 2 inches thick with re enforced metal. This unique Gargoyle beach, we only make 4 per year so order early .

Price $199


Gargoyle small End Table

Gargoyle small  End Table

Great for a small concrete table to fit the theme,

Code 4x58

Price $90

Park Bench or just the concrete ends

Park Bench or Park Bench Ends,

Concrete Park Bench end are available, just the ends or the complete bench including Wolmanized wood and stainless bolts and hard ear

code 4x105

Park Bench Complete  Price 8 feet Price $325

Park Bench Ends needs hard ware $199


Frog Lilly Seat

Frog Lilly Seat

This Frog Lilly Seat will match our Frog Bench and Frog planter and frog Pedestal. If Frogs are your thing this whole set is a must in your garden, this item is a eye catcher. Watch for our picture s of it stained like the frog bench

code 4x67

    Plain Price $100

Frog Lilly Pad Concrete Bench

Our Best Frog Lilly Pad Bench

This beautiful detailed Garden frog Lilly Pad Concrete Bench is our finest detailed Bench we have, In the picture the bench is stained with a brown stain . We plan to stain it green like our dragon, new pictures will be added as we get closer to Aug when we will cast our first benches for sale, we are taking pre order s now with a discount to our customers, phone for more details .

38 1/4"Long x 15" deep  The back of the bench top is 7" Tall  Bench Top
   14 1/2" Tall x 12 3/4" Wide x  15 3/4" Deep  Bench Leg

Code 4x115
 $225     $300 Painted    alt



Koi Fish Curved Concrete Bench


Koi Fish Curved Concrete Bench

Garden Concrete Bench Curved

Price plain concrete  $165


Cherub Garden Concrete Bench

 Cherub Garden Bench.

Top measures 31" long by 15 1/2" wide by 3" at deepest part.  Leg measures 14 3/4" tall by 11 7/8" wide by 6 1/4" thick, this Bench is the elite of Benches and would sit well in any Garden

 Code 4x66

Price $110


Chess or Checker Concrete Bench

Eagle Bench Top

 On Eagles Wings Bench Top 

  ON EAGLES WINGS bench top measures 29 1/4" long by 16” wide by 2 1/4” thick.  This is a great size for handling and transporting, bench Leg measures 13 5/8"  Tall and wide  7".  This Leg is sealed and made from concrete, see our matching Pedestal and stool

code 4x64

Price $90


Large English Scrolled Bench

Large English  Scrolled Straight Bench

This Large Scrolled Bench and matching legs, this is our largest straight bench, the massive size is 40 inch   long and 13 .5 inch wide and    Tall, this price includes legs and Top all items are sealed, pick up only 

code 4x78
Price $ 120.  


Large English Scrolled Curved Bench

Large English Scrolled Curved Bench

This 40 inch long scrolled curved Bench made from solid concrete. Comes complete with scrolled Legs , see picture above

Code 4x80

 . This set sell for $189

Large English Scrolled Curved Bench

Scrolled legs that fit this bench, the Legs fit into the top so they can not be knocked off the legs. 






Large Curved Bench

Extra Large Curved Bench

This extra Large Curved Bench is 50 inches long that's over 4 feet, It's width is 13 inches, The top locks in place to the double wide legs which are included, There is metal re enforced in the concrete bench top.

Price $225  Legs included


Dove Bench Top

 Dove and Flower Concrete Bench.

This well designed Dove and flower  Concrete Bench bench measures apx. 31"L x 14"W x 2.5" thick 

Column Bench Leg

14 5/8” high 12 ¼” wide and  5 ¾”Thick

Code 4x63

 Price $95  


Classic Curved One Person Bench

Classic Curved One Person Bench 

  This Beautiful curved Bench is 16 inches tall, one person made with re enforced metal sits well in a half circle patteren in a combinaton with 3   benches around a Fire pit or Table.... Classic Style Bench Leg's.  SEAT MEASUREMENTS: 32" long x 15" wide x 2" deep Complete Bench with classic Leg's is 16" high

 Price $85.00 


Fleur De Lis Bench


French Fleur De Lis Bench.

This Beautiful Bench is made from concrete  sealed, bench is made for 2 people and comes in 3 sections, 2 legs and a top, size 31 1/2 INCHS BY 14 1/4 INCHS WIDE AND IS 1 3/4 INCHeS THICK.  WE USED OUR BUFF CONCRETE COLUORENT TO COLOR THIS PIECE ($5.00 extra) Benches are only made in the summer Fleur De Lis Legs included

Price $100


Doll / Sitter statue Bench


Doll / Sitter Concrete  Bench

This  cute concrete Doll or sitter Bench, is great for sitters or just for a child's Doll. Also used to sit statues around your pond or fountain. , such as the girl with flowers, this is a unique Item the size is compact at 23 inches long, 7.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall

Code 4x15
Price $30


Small Decorative Benchs

      "Angles Shall Guard Thee" Concrete Bench 

This small concrete Bench has 2 Cherubs on the top along with the words "Angles Shall Guard Thee" 



      Rose Flower Decorative Concrete  Bench 

This Rose Flower Decorative Garden concret Bench comes with legs Flower  scroled small Legs and stained flower and stem, sealed for out door long term use. This in a one person bench .......
The Total bench with legs is

Price $79.00 . 

Memorial Personal Concrete Bench


Family Name or a Message Bench

This stone can be used in several different ways such as a Company's enterance way sign or a Property marker as seen above. We can put pictures on the concrete such as a dogs face or a loved ones face. This stone starts at 75 dollars and depending on what you want go's from there. This can also be made on a larger stone, comes with the above and a another section that holds it up rite. This item takes about 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

                                Price $85.00 and up



Small Mushroom Stool

Small Mushroom Stool

This 13 inch Tall concrete Mushroom stool is 12 inches at the base, get your now while quantities last weight 86 lbs

Price concrete only $80

Price Stained $130

Unique Concrete Stool

Concrete Stool or Pedestal.

This concrete stool is very unique item, measures 13 5/8" Tall and wide by 7"   , this stool can also be used as a pedestal for a urn or statue 

Price $75


Concrete Large Garden Table

Large Garden Concrete Table

Statue not included


Square Table Grape design

Square Table Grape design

This concrete table with a grape design base is 24 inches tall and 15 inches by 28 inches at the top. 

Price $100


Concrete Table



         3 Piece Concrete  patio Table,

#1..... 24" round x 2" top
#2.... Flat solid riser cap
#3 ... Pedestal

Price $90


Large Concrete Tables

Placeholder Image
      Table Large  Oval shape

This wonder full designed oval table can fit in to your garden or deck, allowing more space and elegance to your space. standing 24 inches tall and its unique shape being 36 inches long and 24 inches wide, it must have a stable base as the table sits on the 2 beauty full Butterfly legs.

Price $

Table Large

This item has detail of flag stone design the height is   and the width is , set on a pedestal  , made from solid concrete , brings a slate look to your space.

Price $89 dollars 

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