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 Cherub Garden Pedestal

 Cherub Garden Pedestal 

This is a  large concrete, Cherub Garden Pedestal, its height is 24 inches and the width 12 inches at top and bottom, made from solid concrete, this pedestal has great detail with small Cherubs on the 3 sides with fluted center of the  pedestal.

Price plain Concrete  $ 100

Stained Pedestal $149.99


Italian Pedestal

Italian Pedestal

Italian Pedestal

This well designed Italian Pedestal has great design, it stands    inches tall and   inches wide at the top. This pedestal is great for  medium sized or smaller statues....also great for a pedestal for a Fountain

Price Concrete $65



Asian Pedestal concrete

Asian Pedestal 

This pedestal we use for our Asian fountain but can be used to put a statue on or other items

Price $54.99


Sundial Base Pedestal

Sundial Base , Concrete Pedestal

This is round squat concrete Pedestal is great for a small life for any statue Urn or Planter, it is 7 inches tall and 9 inches wide at the top with lots of design in the concrete. Can be used a sundial base

Price $29.99


Grecian Pedestal

Grecian Pedestal

This small Grecian Pedestal has lots of detail, used with smaller statues, perfect to add design to a statue or to raise the statue up out of the garden for better viewing of your statue, 10 tall and 9.5 by 9.5  at the base

Price $45

 TUSCANY Pedestal Stand

Tuscany Pedestal Stand

This Tuscany Concrete Stand is 13 inches tall and 12 wide at the top, lots of detail to match our statues. This has amazing detail and most smaller statues will sit in it easy

Price $44.99

Tuscany Pedestal concrete


Tuscany Pedestal

Large Tuscany Pedestal.

 This large Regal Tuscany Pedestal can be used to hold larger Statues , such as Lions Urns, Weight 120 lbs, this item won't be walked away with.. 

Price $75.00 



Square Concrete Pedestal

Square Pedestal

Square Pedestal.

This square pedestal is great for concrete statues, Urns and even birdbath tops.  25 inches Tall, top is 6.5 inches wide and 11 inches at the base. 

Price $75


Pedestal #4

 Pedestal #4


This 22 inch tall pedestal can be used on the 3 tops displayed in any combination 

Price $40

Catawba Pedestal

Catawba Pedestal Large

Large Catawba Concrete Pedestal

This 27 inch tall , 14 inch at the base, 12 at the top, this pedestal can be used as a table base also. can also be used a s a fountain base, and to hold a larger statue, its weight is over 140 pounds.

Price $100 


Catawba Pedestal no 2

Placeholder Image

Squat Catawba Pedestal Concrete

This 18 inch tall flat top concrete pedestal is 10 inch dia at top and 16 inch at bottom , its weight is 130 pounds, great for larger statues with lots of detail, this matches other sized Pedestals we have, antique Sundial Pedestal, Base

Price $80 



Catawba no 3 Concrete Pedestal

Placeholder Image

Catawba No 3 Concrete Pedestal

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Grecian Column Pedestal, Italian Pedestal Design & Plain

      Fluted Base #1

This Fluted Base sits 2 feet tall, comes in 3 sections, can be used as a Grecian Column Pedestal or for a Bird Bath Base or Urn Pedestal.

 Price $49 

      Grape Vine Base #2

This Grape Vine Base sits 2 feet tall, comes in 3 sections, that can be mortared together, either a bird bath or a Italian pedestal base for a statue or a Urn 
Price $49

      Plain Base #3

This is a sample Plain design, sits 2 feet tall 6 inches around at the middle, can be used a s a Bird Bath base or Pedestal for a Statue 
Price $49



      Butterfly Base #1

This Base can be used as a Bird Bath Base or a Pedestal Base for a Table or Urn, to compliment your Theme. This Base sits 9 in. @ Base 20 in High 

Price 40.00  

      Hexagon Base #2

This is Hexagon shaped Base. This base sits 11 1/2 in.  @ Base x 24 in. High, this can be used a s a Bird Bath or a Pedestal for a Urn or Statue 

Price 45.00 

      Classic Base #3

This is a Classic Pedestal Base, should match just about any theme. This Pedestal sits 10 1/2 in.@Base x 22 in. High and works great with a Table or Urn or just your Bird Bath

Price 45.00 

Turtle Pedestal


Turtle Large Pedestal or Sun Dial  

This new design of a large Turtle, can be used as a seat or bench leg or Urn Pedestal or just as it is for the ,Turtle lovers in the Maritime's, This Turtle will catch anyone's eye with the Sun Dial built on the top. The turtles massive size will be a eye stopper. The detail is hard to match , made from concrete. Comes in 2 different colours stained weight 85 lbs


Price un stained $70

Stained $89.99                              


Roman Concrete Pedestal

Roman Column Pedestal Medium

Roman Colum Pedestal Medium size

This 29.5 inch Tall Concrete Pedestal is 15 inches wide at the base and 9 inches wide at the top, can be used with statues ,Tables or Large Birdbaths. Comes sealed for out door use, weight
Price Concrete $ 99.00 


Extra Large Pedestal

Extra Large Pedestal

  Large Pedestal or Fountain Pedestal.

This 36 inch High heavy Pedestel, can be used either as a Fountain or Bird Bath or just as a Roman type Pedestal for a flower pot or Urn,

         Price $ 160.

Gazing Ball Holder

Gazing Ball Holder

This is a great way to hold your gazing ball, made from concrete , won't blow away like epoxy resin holders. Fits most Balls, see concrete Balls below 

Price $45.00


Glowing Ball with Pedestal


This pedestal has a glowing ball that works off solar , you can pick from 3 different colors, We make 6 of these per year so order early, the light at night make a crackle type light which lights up a good area  of about 4 feet...  

PRICE $64.95


Tuscany Column

Tuscany   Column

This highly detailed Tuscany Column  comes in  6 pieces measuring 24 inches long each, in total standing 9  feet tall, made with concrete  sealed for out doors use. We have both Roman look or Grape Vine for the Greek look, Get a matching Bench for your Garden Theme,  


Bottom Piece and top piece $ 75 each

joining pieces $50 each

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