Unique Lawn Garden Statues

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Concrete Sea Captain Garden Statuary

Sea Captain

30 inch tall solid concrete statue



Ships Wheel Sailing  Stone 13 Inches

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Ships Wheel Stone $15 plain concrete and $35Stained

Concrete Ships Wheel garden statue, Lawn Garden ornament

Ships Anchor Concrete Statue

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Concrete Anchor Statue

2 foot tall concrete Ships Anchor has a small piece of wire to hang it from a fence. or can just be placed on the ground or leaning against any item in your yard, it will bring a Nautical feeling to your space, Nautical Theme to match your decor.

 $35        $60


Star Fish stepping Stone

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Concrete Star Fish stepping Stones

This 13 inch wide and 3 inch thick stepping stone will bring the sea to your yard to complete the Marine theme in your space. Comes either plain concrete or stained orange color.Star Fish Stepping Stones

  $8   $ 16

Extra Large  Concrete Lobster


 Extra Large Lobster .

 Extra Large Concrete Lobster weight is  , and the length is, the with and height. This Concrete Lobster is stained and sealed for out door use, looks great next to a lobster pot or even next to a pool or pond. get yours today..

$35    $50

Large concrete Lobster


Large Concrete Lobster.

Concrete Lobster size 22 inches by 10 inches wide and re-enforced metal in arms and tail. Great for pool side, wharf's, decks and lobster cages on front lawns, Large Concrete Lobster, Nautical Lawn Ornament

 $ 25      $45

Rock Crab Stone

Rock Crab Stone



4 Foot Tall Concrete Lighthouse

Light House over 4 feet Tall 

Massive Concrete Light house sits over 4 feet tall, comes stained and unstained, This is our largest Product to date. Lighthouse comes in response to numerous request we've had for a lighthouse. It's patterned after the Cape Hateras lighthouse located on North Carolina's Outer Banks. 
 Lighthouse stands 48-3/4" tall and has an octagonal base that measures 14" across at its widest point.

weight 325 lbs


 Lexan  cover 

 The light area is covered with Lexan witch simulates the glass in a real light house.  the light can be used out doors. Three separate pieces make this item. The "pedestal"  plus cap;  sold in finished and straight Concrete sealed

Price Finished with stain  $250.00

Price straight concrete $180.00




3 foot Tall Concrete Light House




3 Foot Tall Concrete Light House

 3 foot tall light house weight is 100 lbs, stained and sealed , has a lexan cover and water proof, with a pipe in the middle if the customer wanted to add a light. This is made smaller then our large one because of the weight of the big one, this one is portable and can be left out all year   round, made from concrete, a center attraction to any yard,
Plain concrete $120     Price$ 180.00 . 

Small Lighthouse Garden Statues

Small Lighthouse

30 inches tall


Sea Gull Concrete Garden Statue


Sea Gull Garden concrete statue $50  colored $79

Mermaid Garden statues


Mermaid Garden statues

Plain $140

     Painted $189.99 ,

 Elegant beautiful concrete  Mermaid Garden Statue 28 height, Great for pool edges, ponds, Large Fountains or just sitting on a rock in your garden. This statue has good detail and estimate weight is 90 pounds. Garden Girl Statue


Otter Concrete Statue


Otter Concrete Statue

 cement Otter lawn ornament has great detail.Found in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland will enhance any home Garden decor.

$40  Painted $70

Sea Horse garden statue

Sea Horse Concrete Garden Statue 26 inch tall  $90 

Neptune Face Plaque Concrete


Neptune Face Plaque Concrete

 10 by 9 inch Scallop Shell with Neptune face coming out of it, Great Detail ,Neptune Face Plaque or Neptune Stone for a great Nautical Ornament

  $25             $40

Large Asian Fish


 Asian Fish Large

This greatly detailed Asian Fish has detail galore .Concrete Asian or Nautical Theme this concrete Fish will enhance any Decor



Octopus Garden Sculpture

Octopus Garden Concrete Statue $45 plain  and $75 colored

Ships Cannon and Cannon Balls

Ships Cannon

Medium Size Canon Concrete

This 33 inch long cannon is made of concrete , standing 20 inches tall, Ships Cannon

will bring any garden or yard to life,

Price concrete $45  

 Stained Price $64.99


Cannon Balls

Canon Ball Medium.

This 12 inch by 13 inch comes

 plain concrete Price $40

 Stained Price $60



Sea Horses Stones

Sea Horses Concrete

right and left small and large set of sea horses stones, great Nautical Garden Statues. all 4 included




Concrete Koi Fish statues


Koi Fish Colored

$20 Colored    Lots of different colors 12 x 5 in Concrete Koi Fish lawn ornament

Koi Fish Large

$10 Plain concrete   Koi Fish flat bottom, 12 in x 5 in, Concrete Koi Fish lawn ornament

Tropical Concrete Garden Fish

Tropical Concrete Garden Fish, pond Accessories or a Nautical Theme addition, comes plain or colored. concrete Fish ornament statue


Pl $5..... $10

Salt Water Fish



Salt Water Fish Stained

 concrete fish is 11 inches long, Fish would be a great addition to any pond, water fall or fountain Salt water fish . pond accessories

  Price plain concrete $8         Price Colored $ 15.




 Sand Dollar stepping Stones



Shell Stone 

 12 inch wide Sea Shell Stepping Stone is 2 inches thick so you may use them as a stepping stone, walkway stone


Sand Dollar stepping Stone

 large Sand Dollar stepping stone is 12 inches by 2 inches thick, can be used In combination with the smaller one to form a walk way


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