Unique Lawn Garden Statues

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Curved Scalloped Garden Edgers 

Curved  Scalloped Edgers

Curved scalloped, Lawn Garden edger , length  36 and 24 inches long 5  wide and 5 inches high,  solid concrete

Price $ 10and $18 each. 

  Scalloped, Garden Lawn Edgers

 4 sections joined together, used as a ,Tree Ring it also comes in straight sections use your imagination and come up with your own personal garden

code 25x5 and 25x6

Scalloped Straight  Lawn Edger

Scalloped Straight Lawn Edger

 36 inch long & 24 inch long, scalloped straight edger can be used as a edger on a walkway Edger or a flower bed . 5 inches wide and 5 high, see the curved edger and join them together to make your space special. Garden Lawn Edgers

code 26x5 and code 26x6 

Price $10 dollars   and  $18 each


Scalloped 90 corner edger

Corner Scalloped Lawn Edger

12 inch X 12 inch lawn edger will bring your garden ends to a close, to complete the square or flower enclosure.

code 25x4

Price $8 dollars each



Stonehenge Garden Edgers

Stonehenge Straight Garden Edger

495 mm LONG, 75mm TALL , 125 mm THICK
Price $8

Stonehenge Curved Stone Edgers

OUTER CIRCLE DІAMETER 34 inch ,  850 mm

Price $ 8

Stonehenge 90 Angle Corner 

      280X280 MM AND 75MM THICK
Price $8

Cobblestone Edger


Cobblestone Edgers concrete , our larger heavier ones, to keep much in size are. straight 23 L 4 Tall 5 D and the curved is 17 in L 5 T 5 D

Each $10

Flowered Concrete Fence

Flowered Concrete Fence

This is a new for 2016. 


Concrete Barn Fence


Concrete Barn Fence

concrete fence that mimic old wooden boards,  garden stone edgers

 size 24,7" x 31,3" x 2.2 " (625 x 795x 55mm). 


Leaf, Garden Stone Edger 


Leaf Concrete Edging Border

Stone Flower bed edger, garden lawn edger made of cement size is

Price $7.99


Grass hopper Garden Lawn Edger

Grass hopper, Lawn Edgers

Grass hopper , garden Lawn Edger used to Enclose Flower or garden areas

Price $7.99


Fish -Garden Lawn Edgers

Fish Concrete  Edging

This concrete FISH Design for Garden Lawn Edgers, Size

Price $7.99. 


Wood Plank Concrete Fence

Wood Plank Concrete Fence


Code 20x7

Plain Price $13

Stained Price $17.99

Concrete Daisy Flower Edgers

Flower Edger for flower beds 

This beautiful detailed Flower, Garden Stone edger is 36 inches long, 2 inches thick and 12 inches high. This item will hold back a lot of dirt in your flower bed as the thickness of the concrete is there to last at 2 inches thick. 

 code 20x13 Price $19.95 each $24.95 Stained


 Grapes.. Garden Stone Edgers


Decorative Grapes Border, Garden Stone Edgers


Garden Lawn Edgers, Garden Stone Edgers

Code 20x5.50

Price Plain Concrete $9.99

Price Stained  $16.99 





code 20x5.75

 plain  $7.99      Price stained $11.99

Octagon Concrete, Tree Rings

Small Octagon , Tree Rings 

This is a sample of a color, we put in the concrete, extra cost for this color, Garden Stone Edgers

Code 20x18

Price $25 set. 

Large Octagon Concrete, Tree Rings

This large Octagon, Tree ring measures 2 feet space in the middle and comes in 2 pieces, can be made large by adding 2 more pieces .

 Can be colored at a additional price code 20x25

Price $35 set 

Turtle Concrete Plant Ring

Turtle Concrete Plant Ring

 Plant Turtle Ring to hold mulch in, around the plant making a nice even Garden Lawn edger.

Code 20x3 

Price $6


Flower Tree Ring concrete

Flower Tree Ring

8 pieces


Dog Paw,Garden Stone Edgers


Paw Print Lawn Edgers 

 This Beautiful 16 inch long TREE RING , Garden Stone Edger,s A personal touch with the dog Theme Made from concrete

Code 20x2 

price $5

Paw Print Straight Edgers

  measures 16" x 6" x 1.5" thick. An simple paw print border that is a wonderful addition to any landscape design .. mix and match with the tree ring paver's and other designed Garden Lawn Edgers, paver  that match up to this one..

Code 20x2.1

Price $5



Blue Herring Nautical Edger Paver stone

Blue Herring Bird Edger


9 inch by 4 inch by 2 thick

Owl Edger Paver stone

Owl Edger Stone Paver


 App 9 inch long 5 wide


Concrete Pavers


Concrete paver's are great for any space to bring life to our space. you can use then to enclose a area or your Patio Ideas

Code 20x1.90

Price $6.00 Each


Jack Rabbit concrete Edger Paver

Bunny Rabbit Concrete Edger Paver

9 by 4 by 2 inches


Small Concrete Drain

Small Concrete Drain

This is a simple way to redirect water from your drown spouts.

$ 18

Concrete Drain spout

Drain spout concrete

 Concrete Drain Spout is used to keep water away from your drains, this concrete spout moves the water from your down spouts. 29 inches long 11.5 wide and 3.5 deep, made from sold concrete.

Code 10x10



Bumper Curb 36 inch

Bumper Curb 36 inch

This Bumper Curb 36 inch long with re enforced metal, 4 inch high, used in parking stops as a curb to stop the car or bike from going any further, like on the lawn, 

Code 10x13

Price $ 19.99


Cushion Stones Patio Idea

Cushion Concrete Stone design

 9 inches stepping stone that comes either straight concrete or can be stained  as pictures, Patio Idea for Garden Stone Walkways

Plain concrete Price $ 3.00       Stained Price $ 4.99

NEW Kids Hand Print Stepping Stone Kit


Kit comes with stone and the concrete to make a hand print in the middle also can be used on pets, great Idea for grand parents to do with the kids, let it sit over night and paint or stain the next day



Garden Stone Walkways


Walkway stones Designs

Walkway stones ,can be used in different formations to bring soft curve's to your walk way all are 2 inch thick. The middle stone is the walking area which are 2 feet long and 1 foot wide...Garden Walkways, Patio Stones for sale

 A=   24 , 5 by 12 wide  

C=24 inches long and 5 and 12 wide Price $7

B= 24 inches long and 12  Price $ 10


Square Concrete Stepping Stones

Flagstone Design Stepping Stones

Concrete Stepping Stone, Rocky design Square

Price $10

Puzzle Design Stepping Stones

 Concrete Stepping Stones Puzzle design

Price $10

Heat Pumps Concrete Slabs 

24 by 24 inches Heat Pump Slab Design  Price$ 21.99    

24 by 30 inches Diamond, Puzzle and Honey Bee  Price $28

24 by 36 inch Diamond Price $35

12 by 24 inch  Diamond Price $15

CobbleStone Pavers Patio Ideas


 Cobblestone Design#1

Cobblestone Paver for Concrete Patio and building Patios. this one is for trees or Plants that grow in a area

Price $10

Cobblestone Design#2

Cobblestone Pavers for Concrete Patio and building Patios, Patio Idea for a square plain design

Price $13

Cobblestone Design#3

Cobblestone Pavers for Concrete Patio and building Patios, you can make designs in you concrete patio, within the cobble stone patio

Price $13

Patio Design # 2 World Design

Patio Stone For Sale



Patio Stone Design #1

This set of designer stepping stones are made of over 2 inch solid concrete, can be walked on and can be used in different formations to obtain the look you want, together it makes a 24 inch block as seen above. Patio Stone For Sale

A stone  17 by 5.5 inches    Price $ 5

B stone  22.5 by 12 inches Price $6

C stone 12 by 12 inch          Price $10



Right Triangle Patio Stones

Right Triangle Patio Stones

This is new Item. This stone is 2 inches thick and can be walked on, great for corners , make a concrete Patio

Price $10


Stepping stones with design

Round Concrete stepping stones

This Concrete Patio Stones, Concrete Stepping Stones with diamonds

price $10.00 

Round Leaf Concrete stepping stones

This Concrete Patio Stones, Concrete Stepping Stones with leafs

price $10.00 

Moose Face Ornamental Garden Stone

Moose Face Garden Stone Ornamental


Fairy Garden Stone ornamental cement

Fairy Garden Stone ornamental


Canadian Mape Laef Flag stone

Canadian Maple Leaf Flag Stone Paver

12 Inch Long price $8 each

Lg Dragonfly Patio Stone

Large  Dragonfly Patio Stone.

This extra large decorative Dragon fly patio stone is 18 inches round, stained and sealed, large enough to walk on

Plain $15......... stained $20.00 


Horse Buggy Stepping Stone

Horse Buggy Stepping Stone

18 Inches wide and 2 Inches Thick Walking Stone with Horse Buggy Design Stepping Stones

Plain $ 15

Colored $20

Designer Concrete Stepping Stones

Lighthouse Stepping stones

 18 inch by 18 inch, 2 inch thick Light House Concrete Stepping Stones. can be stepped on, but may ruin the detail over time

Price $20.        PLAIN  $15

Teddy Bear Stepping Stones

18 inch x18 inch, 2 inch thick Teddy Bear Concrete Stepping Stones ,can be stepped on, but may ruin the detail over time

Price $20.


Motorcycle Stepping stones

This 18 inch by 18 inch, 2 inch thick Motorcycle  Concrete Stepping Stones, can be stepped on, but may ruin the detail over time

Price $20. 


Hunting Scene Stepping Stones

This large hunting scene Patio stone. , has hunters in a boat and Deer running, This stone is large and 2 inches thick, comes stained and unstained, all stones are sealed 18 by 18 inches

Price $20


Flower Stepping stones

This large flower Patio stone. ,, This stone is large and 2 inches thick, comes stained and unstained, all stones are sealed 18 by 18 inches

Price $20


Humming Bird Patio Stones

This extra large 18 inch by 18 inch 2 inch thick patio Humming Bird patio stone is stained and sealed, large enough to walk on .
Price $20.00 . 


Single 30 inch Concrete Steps

  Single 30 inch Concrete Steps

This single step can be used on any hill, just dig out a L shape and insert the step, with a small bit of gravel under and around the step, fill in and you have a step, great for hills. Concrete Steps

Code 10x18

Price $44.99


Retaining Wall Straight Blocks

Retaining Wall Straight Blocks.

This retaining wall large straight Block is hollowed out to put re enforced gravel or rebar with cement to hold away large hills and landscaping. This concrete block is 4 inches thick, 16.5 inches long and 11 deep.

Price $7.00 each

Retaining Wall Half Cap Blocks

Retaining Wall half Top cap Blocks

This half top cap is soild concrete 4 inches thick 11 deep and 16.5 inches long used as a topper on concrete retaing walls to finish the look

Price$16.00 each 

Retaining Wall Half Ends

Retaining Wall Half Ends.

This 8 inches by 10.5 inches , can be used as a top stone or as a 1/2 block in any part of your wall.

Price $ 16 dollars each

Retaining Wall Flat Top Blocks

Retaining Wall Flat Cap Blocks.

This 4 inch thick solid concrete cap is 16.5 inches long and 11 inches deep, this cap go's on the top of a retaining wall to make a nice finish, concrete block

Price $16 each 

Deck Pier- concrete Block



Deck Pier concrete Block

This is coming soon


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