Unique Lawn Garden Statues

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Gnome on a Throne Garden Statue


Gnome on a Throne Garden Statue Concrete

This moderately sized Concrete Garden Gnome statue is. Dirty Gnome will make a great fun gift has good detail and ill turn heads, this statue is   Tall and   Wide comes either colored or just plain concrete that you can leave or paint your self to your colors to match your space. Lawn Garden Ornament

 $35         $59

Gnome Mooning Garden Statue


Mooning Gnome Garden Statue Concrete

This moderately sized Garden Gnome has great detail and is in the mooning position, can be colored any colors. the height is  inches, the width is inches and it weight is  pounds. Comes in either stained or plain concrete you can paint in the colors to match your space, great fun Gift ..Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,Newfoundland, Made in Canada

 $ 35        $ 59

Large Garden Gnome bird nest






Large Garden Gnome bird nest

This large Garden Gnome with birds nest, stands 15 inches tall bird nest can hold either candle or incense.made from concrete sealed and stained  for out side or inside use, this statue has great detail. A must for any Gnome lover

Price $39.95 

Med Size Gnome


Medium Gnome with pipe

This 49 lb concrete Garden Gnome is in the sitting position smoking his Pipe, The statue is 21 inches Tall and 11 inches at the base, a must for any Gnome collector's

$95      $60

3 Small garden Gnomes , lawn art




Garden Gnome with shears 

This is a 8 inch tall concrete gnome with garden shears or clippers, great gift for the gardener, comes stained like above or plain concrete


Garden Gnome with bird

This is a small concrete garden Gnome with a bird, great for the bird lovers. This statue is 8 inches tall and 3 at the base,for use out or in doors as a lawn ornament




Large Gnome with Fish


Large Gnome with Fish.

Extra large Gnome Concrete Garden statue with fish. Gnome lovers this is a must for any garden, standing  32 inches tall and 13 inches wide at the fish. this statue can be precast for a large water fountain to spout water from the fish, great for Fish Ponds

Price Plain $110         $170.