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We Service Atlantic Canada, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia with  Made in Canada products from Concrete or Cement for Garden, Back Yards for out door Use

Concrete Religious Statues


Garden Statues. Lawn Ornaments, Back Yard Art all names we use to describe our Concrete Garden Statues we make such as Saint Francis, Saint Fiacre, Saint Jude, Virgin Mary Statue, Jesus statues, Sacred Heart Garden Statue, Concrete Angels, Baby Angels, Cherubs, Concrete Crosses , Kneeling Angel, Angels with Baby's all made of pure Concrete.Home Garden Decor, Concrete Products Precast

Saint Fiacre the Gardening Saint

Gardening Saint St Fiacre Statue

 30 inch tall concrete Garden statues of the Gardening Saint of the Roman Catholic Religion. weight is   Gardening Saint statue is made precast on site , Lawn Ornaments

Price plain  $85

Price Stained $130  


Saint Jude yard art Statue

Saint Jude Concrete Garden Statue

Garden Statues sits at 21 inches tall 5 by 6 wide at the base.St. Jude is the Patron Saint of Hope and impossible causes and one of Jesus’ original twelve Apostles. He preached the Gospel with great passion, often in the most difficult circumstances. its weight is 20 pounds,

Price  $40

Price stained $55 

Sleeping Baby Angel Yard Statue

Sleeping Baby in Basket Garden Statues. 

This beautiful piece brings anyone's eye's to AWE. Detail on this statue is amazing, The statue is 16 inches tall 14 long and 10 deep a great Baby shower gift, we can stain the blanket either blue or pink, for 5 dollars extra, back yard art

Plain Price $65

Blanket Stained $85


Sacred Heart Garden Statue

Sacred Heart Garden Statue.

Amazing detailed Sacred Heart Garden Statue made of solid concrete , height is 36 inches tall that's 3 feet..either straight concrete or color as pictures show..... weight is over 110 pounds, Lawn Ornaments

  $ 120

 Colored $ 175


Large Virgin Mary Garden Statue

Virgin  Mary Garden Statue

 Height is 33 inches tall and 8 by 8 inches Virgin Mary Garden Statue over all width is 14.5 inches and thickness is around 4.5 inches. this statue can be made taller by adding a pedestal, lawn ornaments, back Yard Art

Price concrete $120

Price stained $179.99


St Francis Garden Statue

St Francis Garden Statue Bird Feeder

 Born is 1181 ,proclaimed in 1228 by the pope as Saint of Animals and Environment , in most statues you will see this saint next to a animal, St Francis Garden Statue , Bird Feederis 21 inches tall and its weight is 65 pounds

$100     Stained $179.99

Angel Statue with Baby 

      Angel Statue with Baby  (front View)

Large  27 inch Tall 9 deep and 9 wide concrete Angel Statue has great detail. A small Squirrel and Rabbit at her feet, this is a out standing statue . Lawn Ornaments

PLAIN  $100.  

  Angel Statue

Angel Statue  comes in either stained or just plain concrete weight is 79 pounds

Price stained $169.99 

Angel Bird Feeder stone statue

Angel Bird Feeder statue

This delight full Angel Bird Feeder is made of solid concrete. It's nice display size is  24 inches Tall , 11 wide and 11 deep, it will bring wild life  to your garden...




St Francis sTATUE 


St Francis Statue Bird and Cross

 26 inch Tall St Francis Statue Lawn Ornaments .He is known as the patron saint of animals...In 1223, Francis arranged for the first Christmas manger scene. In 1224, he received the stigmata,[4] making him the first recorded person to bear the wounds of Christ's Passion.[ in this statue he has a Bird and Cross in his hands , the statue is 9 inches wide at base. Weight is 33 lbs
Cost $45
Colored $69

Virgin Mary Statue, Lawn Ornaments

      Kneeling Angel Statue 

 Kneeling Angel Statue stands  20 inches in Height , deep 14 inches and 8 inches wide it's weight is 60 lbs

Price $75



Angel s Statues

Placeholder Image

        Angel Statue #1

 12 inch tall and 12 inch wide Angel concrete statue 

 Cost $ 35
Price Stained $55

       Sanding Angel #2     

This Sanding Angel 21 inches Tall and  11 wide is made from concrete

Wings Spread Angel with Rose's

This statue is a angel with its wings spread standing 21 inches Tall and 16 inches wide
 concrete $ 40
Price painted $ 70.00

Cherub with Horn of Plenty

Garden Cherub with Horn of Plenty

Garden Cherub holding a Horn is 29 inches tall and  9 wide and 7 deep of solid concrete, this statue was used in the Movie  SS Titanic as a statue at the bottom of the main stair case, this statue has great detail, comes either stained sealed or just straight concrete. Weight of statue 62 lbs

 Plain $ 90          


 Standing Concrete Angel

 Concrete Angel  wings spread front view

This 36 inch Tall standing Concrete Angel, with a 13 inch wide base, this beautiful standing angel has her wings spread out, comes in  Plain Concrete only
Price concrete $160 Pedestal extra

Back View 

This 36 inch Tall standing Concrete Angel  with wings spread, this view is from the back side weight

laying Angel

 Laying Angel Concrete Statue   $35

Baby Angel in hands


Baby Angel in Hands $25


Ganesha Statue

 Devotion to Ganesha is widely diffused and extends to  Buddhists, and beyond India.

Although he is known by many attributes, Ganesha's. elephants head makes him easy to identify.[6] Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the Diva of intellect and wisdom. This statue site 16 inches tall, 10 wide and 6 deep...

Concrete  only Price $35

Stained Price $59.99



Smaller Angels


Praying Guardian Angel 

 Beautiful 15 inch High Guardian Concrete Angle, has a flat back , must be stood up or laid against a wall or pot, tree or staked in the grass. grave marker or just in your garden or Back Yard Art

Cost $19.99




Small Sitting Cherub

small Cherub sitting statue has great detail, comes stained sealed or just plain concrete as picture above, six is  9.5 by 8 inches . 

Cost $20

Stained Cost $39.99

Sleeping Cherub Statue

Small Sleeping Cherub Garden Statue



  Sleeping Cherub Garden Statue, Lawn Ornaments is 10' long 5 wide, 5 high. It is highly detailed Garden Statue

Cost $15.00

Colored $25




Religious Plaques

Jesus Face In Cross

Jesus Face In Cross

 Beautiful 18 inch, 14 inch wide  This cross has great detail with Jesus face in the cross, metal hanger on Back for hanging, Made from concrete

Price $15




Free Standing Large Gothic Cross


Large Free Standing Gothic Cross


This 25 inch tall free standing Cross has great design, we have had lots of request for a larger Cross for Grave Sites, So we decided it was time, this Item


Price $35



Small Free Standing Celtic Cross

Small Free Standing Celtic Cross.

This Small Free standing Celtic cross is 14.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide.  .  Made from Concrete stained sealed for long lasting use, the base is .5 inches thick to allow it to stand freely 

Price $15


Large Celtic Cross



Huge 25 inch tall Celtic Garden Cross

This  huge Celtic cross that measures  25"L x 18"W x 1" thick....  What an elegant  cross to add to your home or garden. The nice design in a cross I have seen in a long time.. has a metal hanger on the back for out door use

  Price $20
Stained Price $29 


Small Concrete Cross

      Celtic Cross 

This Celtic cross, is made from concrete with a hanger, lots of detail, stained sealed,12 inches tall


          Price $ 8.99

      Gothic Cross 

This Gothic Looking cross, has good detail measuring 11 and 1/2 inches long and 7 and 1/2 wide, 1 inch thick , comes either stained black like photo above or just white concrete, hanger is on the back
Price $5.90  

      Rock Cross

This is a small cross, indented in to a rock, this unique small cross has lots of detail, sealed as above. 5 and 1/2 inches by 4 inches
Price $2.50 

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