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Large Eagle Statue


Large Eagle Statue

This 36 inch Tall Eagle statue has just landed with it's wings spread above its head, This is our newest Eagle to our collection , we make 4 per year, so order early so you don't miss out, The eagle comes either plain concrete or stained like the picture  here. ......

Price plain concrete $120

price stained sealed $160


Extra Large Concrete Eagle

Extra Large Concrete Eagle Rear View

This 27 inch Tall 48 inch wing span concrete Eagle statue is our finest Bird statue.
Price plain concrete $120 

Extra Large Concrete Eagle Front View      

This 27 inch Tall 48 inch wing span concrete Eagle statue is our finest Bird statue. Weight is 170 lbs a truck van and 2 people to move this statue

Price stained sealed $160

Lg Dragonfly Patio Stone

Large  Dragonfly Patio Stone.

This extra large decorative Dragon fly patio stone is 18 inches round, stained and sealed, large enough to walk on

Price stained $20.00 


Concrete Cockatoo Bird

Concrete Cockatoo Bird Statue.

This 13 inch tall concrete Cockatoo Bird statue has good detail, comes either stained or plan concrete. 

Plain Concrete $25

stained Statue $35


Farm Goose

Goose concrete statue has good detail , Geese like to be togther so make sure he has a friend to spend the long days in you yard. the statue sits  29 inch high body, 10 inches thick and 20 long, the base is 9 by 12 inches  weight 60 lbs

Concrete only Price$45.00 



 Stained Goose Conceret Statue

 Goose concrete statue has good detail , Geese like to be together so make sure he has a friend to spend the long days in you yard. the statue sits  29 inch high body, 10 inches thick and 20 long, the base is 9 by 12 inches  weight 60 lbs.

  Stained and sealed price $60 


Butterfly Concrete Stone

Beautiful Large Butterfly

This Beautiful Butterfly with it's
brilliant Pretty colours of  paint is 11 inches long,
sealed, will enhance any garden or home.
Made from concrete ask about our Glow in the
dark Paint

   Price $ 8.00 


Blue Jay Bird

Blue Jay Bird statue

This Blue Jay come either stained or just plain concrete

Price concrete only $15

Price Stained sealed $ 25



Motorcycle Plaque Eagle

Motorcycle Eagle Plaque

This Motorcycle concrete Eagle Plaque is 17 inches wide, and  22 inches tall, has a hanger on the back, we make 20 of these a year so order early, This item is painted and stained , the paint is concrete paint so it can be used out doors, statue is then sealed...

Price $65 dollars


Butterfly Decorative Stone

Butterfly Patio Stone.

This Butterfly Patio Stone is made from concrete. butterfly tile / stepping stone mould that measures approx. 12" x 12" x 1" thick. This item has Latex paint on it and stain, then sealed with concrete sealer

        Price $15.00



Duck and Duckling statue

Duck and Duckling statue

This Duck is made of concrete , it's size is 13 inches Tall, 12 inches Long and 5 inches thick , comes either stained and sealed or just plain concrete 

Plain concrete Price $ 25

Stained price $35


Concrete Garden Bee

This colourful concrete garden Bee is made of concrete painted and sealed for out door use, it's SIZE IS 11 INCHES BY 10 INCHES
Price $15.00


Tortoise Shell

Placeholder Image

Tortoise Shell

This Tortoise Shell is cute and comes either stained or plain concrete. This is a great addition to any flower bed or pond, we also sell full Tortoise with there heads out. 

Plain concrete Price$ 10

                       Stained Price $ 15

Cute turtle

Cute Turtle  

This 6 inch long, 4.5 inches wide, good detail. Cute  Turtle, great for water ponds, water fountains or Bird Baths, also a hit in the garden, made from concrete , stained sealed for years of pleasure

Price $ 15.00



Small Turtle statue

Small Turtle Statue

This cute Turtle is small but will make a great addition to any garden. Comes stained or plain concrete.

 Price plain concrete $10

Price Stained  $15


Concrete Penguine Statue

Concrete Penguin Statue.

This cute 12 inch Tall Concrete Penguin Statue comes in stained or Just Plain Concrete , This cute statue would make a great addition to any home or garden, if you love Penguin's this cute little fella weight is and he is looking for a great home... 

Plain Concrete Price $ 15.00
Stained Statue  Price $25.00

bumble Bee Stone

Bumble Bee Decorative Stone stay.

This Bumble Bee Decorative Stone has great detail and very colour full, a stone holder can be obtained to hold stone in your garden, size is 11 ans 1/2 inches
Price stained and sealed as seen above 

Price $14.99  


Lady Duck Statue

Lady Duck Concrete Statue

This Lady Duck statue 11 inches tall ,8 wide and 6 deep, this Lady Duck is wearing Cat Eye Sun Glasses

Plain concrete $20    Stained Price $30


Bald Eagle Statue



Bald Eagle Stained
A magnificent creature that rules the sky, the Eagle symbolizes power, might,
and exquisiteness. In particular, the Bald Eagle was selected as emblem of the United States of America because of its long life, great strength, and majestic
look. More than that, the bald eagle is the ultimate symbol of freedom. It lives
high in the mountains, perches upon high trees, and with a dominating wingspan up to 90”, is notorious for soaring across the sky in a most beautiful manner This Statue is 14.5 inches Tall  Weight 25 lbs

Stained and Sealed Price $65.00 
Plain Concrete and sealed $45.00

Bald Eagle on Pillar
This pictures are taken of the Eagle perched on a pillar.  The Fluted Pillar stands   tall and with the Eagle it stands   tall
Eagle  pillar stained  Price $90.00
Eagle  Pillar unstained Price $ $65.00

Concrete Chicken

Concrete Hen Chicken

This Chicken is one of our Farm collection animals, standing 16 inches Tall and 10 inches long, comes stained or just plain concrete, its weight is 26 lbs of solid concrete.

Price concrete $25

Price stained sealed $40 


Cardinal Bird Statue

Placeholder Image

Cardinal Bird Statue

This is coming soon


Mediium Eagle Perched

Medium Eagle Perched

This 17 inch Tall Perched Eagle , has great detail comes in either stained and sealed or just plain concrete, Weight 26 lbs

Plain concrete $55

Stained sealed price $75 


Large Concrete Owl Statue

Large Concrete Owl Statue.

This Large Owl sits perched on a tree, this owl is our largest at  60 lbs weight of solid concrete. 16 inches Tall 12 Inches wide and 10 inches Deep comes in straight concrete or stained , see picture above.

Price straight concrete $35
Price $  55.00 stained


Birds Lizards

 Iguana Small statue.

This is a beautiful iguana, seen  in the picture, very highly detailed, measurements of concrete product is  approximately: 7.5 x 5 tall in inches, this is stained and sealed for out side use

  Price $10.00 

Sea Gull on a Rock, Statue.

This 29 inch high Sea Gull, is Purched on a rock with his wings spread apart ready to take off , made with re-enforced metal concrete, stained sealed. 


                 Price $ 45.00   


This small Owl is stained sealed, for out side or in side use, stands 7 inches Tall, standing on a log, great for keeping mice away

Price $20.00 

Alligator Concrete Garden Statue

One Piece Alligator Statue

This 16 inch long, 10 inch wide and 5 inch tall Alligator statue is one piece and comes either plain concrete or stained we prices below is a sample paragraph.

Plain concrete $29.99

Stained Price $39.99 

Large 3 piece Crocodile Statue

Large 3 piece Crocodile Statue

This 3 piece Crocodile statue is flat on one side for easy ability to be able to lay down in most areas, comes stained and straight concrete , length   width

Price straight concrete $ 10

Price stained sealed $15 


Placeholder Image

Little Bird statue

This small bird is great on birdbaths or fountains comes stained sealed or just plain concrete 

Price concrete $3.00

Price stained sealed $ 5.00


Dove's on a branch Statue

Dove's on a Branch concrete statue

This beauty full set of Doves on a branch stand 14 inches Tall and  23 inches long and its weight is 22 lbs of solid concrete, comes stained or just plain concrete, can also be stained as love birds..

Price straight concrete $24.99

 Price stained $44.99



Dove Garden Plaque.

This Dove wall plaque has such good detail. Made from concrete sealed for out side use. . measure approx. 22"L x 9"H x 2"Thick.

Price $15.00

 Humming BIRD BRICK 

. This Brick paver measures 5. 5 inches long and 5 inches wide and  1 . 25 inches thick

Price $3.00   

      Duck Decorative stone

  Use this mallard as a unique border stone around a flower bed or walk way mix and match with other similar designs.  9 inches by 1.5 inches thick

Price $5.00 

Flying and Crawling

      Butterfly Oval shaped  stone

9 Inches Long and 6.5 inch by 3/4 inch thick   Great for nature lovers , comes stained and sealed as photo above
Price $3.00

      Daisy  with Bee's Stone

8 inch by 8 inch by 3/4 thick.  with a daisy flower and several bees harvesting the pollen, lots of colour in this stone, sealed and stained with a small amount of concrete paint,
Price $10.00 

   Butterfly round rose stone

This butterfly round decorative stone has great colour in any garden, a stone holder can be obtained , this stone has rose and measures 11 .5 inches sealed and stained as above. 
Price $14.99 

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