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Girl with Flowers Bench Sitter

Girl with Flowers Bench sitter

(requires a bench or pond edge).

 greatly detailed Girl with flowers bench sitter, Garden Girl Statue , this statue is made from concrete and requires a Pond edge ,bench or stone wall to sit on, it sits 24 inches Tall, width is 20 inches and 14 inches deep, This statue needs to seen to appreciate the great detail and work it takes to make such a unique real looking statue

Plain concrete $109.99  Stained  $149.99 

Girl  Basket Garden Girl Statue


Girl with Basket Concrete Bench Sitter Statue

Garden Girl Statue is a sitter, that needs a flat bast for it to sit on like a bench, deck, pedestal, Garden Statues sale

Cost Plain  $100  Cost Stained $149.99

Sailor Boy Dog Bench Sitter

Sailor Boy Dog Bench Sitter (requires bench or Stone wall to sit on)

This greatly Detailed Boy and Dog Concrete Statue requires a bench or pool pond or stone wall edge to sit on, bench sold separately, Its height is 25 inches Tall, 17 wide and 12 deep, needs to seen, to appreciate the great detail to make such a real looking small Boy in a sailor out fit with his dog ..Garden statue sculpture

Price  $ 89.99

Cost Painted $139.99 


Boy and Girl Sitter statue

Boy and Girl Sitter Statue

This statue of a boy and girl sitting whispering in her ear has good detail, this larger statue need s a place to sit , you can pick your colors to match any space, garden girl statue with Boy

Price plain $99.99    Price stained $145


Fishing Boy Lawn Ornament


Fishing Boy Lawn Ornament sits on a edge of a pond fountain or Bench This statue is made of concrete and comes either stained or just plain concrete The height is  and it's width is and its weight is. 

concrete only $99.99                              Cost Painted $139.99

Roman Soldier 

 Roman soldier, Military Garden Statues, 23 inches tall, 23 wide and 11 by 8 in the base, this amazing statue will make a great addition to any garden or just in front of your fire place, Garden Statues Sale

Price $60

Laying Girl Reading Book

Girl Reading Book Laying Garden statue

22" long 13 " tall


Umbrella First Love Fountain Topper


Umbrella First Love Fountain Topper Statue

This premium quality statue is hand crafted and reflects the commitment to our exceptional design, this Love couple holding a aluminum umbrella , comes in either stained or plain concrete and can be precast as a water spout for a fountain or water feature or just in your garden to bring life and memories of younger days..




Mermaid Garden statues

Mermaid Garden statues

Plain $149.99    ,

This elegant beautiful concrete  Mermaid Garden Concrete Statue 28 height, Great for pool edges, ponds, Large Fountains or just sitting on a rock in your garden. This statue has good detail and estimate weight is 85 pounds. Garden Girl Statue

Boy & Girl on Log Statue

Boy & Girl on Log Statue

This Statue has such good detail a cute Little  Boy and Girl sitting on a Log discovering each other. 18 inches wide and 18 inches Tall and 9 inches thick, this statue is made of concrete , Garden Girl Statues

 concrete $84.95    Stained $ 129.  

Grecian Woman with Urn


 Grecian Woman with Urn

 26 Tall and is stained with a patina look, elegant looking in any garden or yard. Stand included , Garden Girl Statues, garden statue sale


Price concrete  $110


French Pleurant Garden Statue


French Pleurant Garden concrete Statue

French Pleurant or Ghost Statue, 25 inches tall 8 inches wide.

 Price plain concrete $39.99​



First love kids

First love kids statue or Fountain Head

This statue can also be casted as a fountain head ,and the water can come out by their feet. This greatly detailed 22 inch tall and 10 inches at the base, this adorable couple comes plain concrete or stained and sealed. the weight is

 $59.99                 $89.99 

Country Girl with Flower Basket

Country Girl with Flower Basket

This sweet young Girl concrete statue is 20 inches Tall 6 wide and 5 deep , this beauty full detailed garden statue will bring any garden to life, bring the country to your home, Garden Girl Statues

Price concrete $ 40
Price stained $65




CowBoy Statue

 Cowboy Statue

 cowboy statue, 17 inch Tall Concrete Statue Hero Collection

cost $ 24.95   
 stained $ 44.95 


Concrete Police Boy Statue

Police Boy Statue

17 inches Tall  7 wide, one of the Hero collection series we make, this statue.

price concrete $24.95
Price stained $44.95



Fire Boy Planter Statue



Concrete Fire boy Planter Statuary.

This cute Fire boy Flower Pot statue is made from concrete standing 16 inches Tall, 9 inches wide and 6 inches Deep. weight is 22 lbs , see our other fireman statues statue , we give a 15% discount to firemen and woman
Price $19.95 


Woodland Nymph Nude woman

Woodland Nymph Nude woman

This Woodland Nymph Nude height is 31 inches tall, bust 15.5 and waist 11 inches hips 16 inches, base 6.5 by 6.5, This is a old design but is still a eye catcher today. Garden Girl Statues

Price plain $ 50


Boy With Urn Fountain Topper

Boy With Urn Fountain Topper



Small Boy with Goose statue



Small Boy with Goose statue

This small concrete statue  of a Nude Boy with a Goose is done tastefully with the goose covering up the boys front parts but exposing his Cute Behind. This statue is 14 inches Tall and 5 wide, a great conversational Piece , it comes either stained or plain concrete

 $10         $20

Indian Couple He and She


Chief and Mate , or  He and She.

 unique statues sit 12 inches tall he weighs 17 lbs and she weighs 15 lbs, made from concrete stained, sealed, has good detail, the chief statue was used in cigar stores for advertising for years in North America...

 $39.99 set               

Fishing Boy HAT


Fishing Boy HAT

concrete Hat fits the Large Fishing Boy statue and some of our others, like large Basset Hound statue is sparkle up your yard.



gold Miner statue


 Gold Miner statue

Cole Miner statue or Cole Miner Statue  18 in tall, great for coal miner gifts or to bring a little of Nova Scotia history to your back yard, yard art or lawn ornaments


Dutch Boy and Girl Kissing

Dutch Boy and Girl Kissing 

 Dutch Boy and Girl Kissing statue  20 inches Tall and 11 wide ,weights is 45 lbs the Dutch Girl is 19 high  over 11 wide  weight is 48 lbs

Cost Pair $109.99


Dutch boy and girl  Kissing 

  Dutch boy and Girl Kissing statue  19 inches tall and 12 wide, The Dutch Boy is 20 inches Tall and 11 wide comes , lawn ornaments,  weight is 48  lbs.

  Cost plain $69.99

                                                                     Baseball St


       Baseball Boy with Dog statue

baseball boy with ball cap and Dog statue  sits 21 inches tall and 8 inches wide,  base ball fan in their home or garden

$ 50   

      Baseball boy Glove/ Bat and Dog on Bench 

 Baseball Boy with Ball and Glove sitting on a Bench has such great detail's with his small dog sitting beside him  17 in Tall 17 wide and 8 in Deep,
  $ 65.00      

 Fire Boy . military Garden Statues, Terracotta warriors


Fire boy

        Adorable Fire fighter Boy Statue. Made from concrete. 18 and 1/2 inches Tall and 6 inches wide most beautiful Garden Statues

Soldier boy

Adorable " I wanna be a Soldier" Statue stands 17 and 1/2 inches tall and 6 and 1/2 inches wide, this is the 3 rd most , Military Garden Statues

Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors 23 inch tall  ,  from the movie Indian Jones and The Mummy Dragon Empire, Military Garden Statues 

Confucious Concrete Statue

alt                                alt

Confucious Concrete Statue

551–479 BC was a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history.The philosophy of Confucius emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity. His followers competed successfully with many other schools during the Hundred Schools of Thought era only to be suppressed in favor of the Legalists during the Qin Dynasty. Following the victory of Han over Chu after the collapse of Qin, Confucius's thoughts received official sanction and were further developed into a system known as Confucianism., This statue is 24 inches Tall, by 6 by 6 inches. with good detail. weight 50 pounds, Great for a Asian Theme


Oriental Man & Woman


Oriental Man and Woman

This elegant looking Asian oriental Man is highly detailed, standing at 10 inches tall 4 thick and 8 wide at the legs. Great for any Asian theme in your garden or home made from concrete stained and sealed This  Oriental Woman stands 10 inches tall made from concrete, she has a husband see other statues, she is in the sitting position, great detail, stained and sealed . made from concrete here in Nova Scotia, Canada




      Girl on a Log Reading 

large Concrete statue of Garden Girl Statue holding a rose on a tree stump also in her hand is a book    height 21 in Height, 10 wide and 14 deep it's weight is 67 lbs 

      Numph Fairy Statue 

 Tall statue of a fairy Pixie holding flowers, lawn ornament back yard art. Concrete large Garden Girl Statues
   $ 100.00          

Ma Pa Hillbilly Statue



   Pa Hillbilly Statue

 This concrete statue is 21 Tall  6 wide and 5 deep , this concrete statue comes either stained or plain concrete 

plain concrete $25

Price stained $40


       Ma Hillbilly.  

This cute mom hill billy concrete statue is 15 inches tall and 5 wide and deep at the base , comes either stained or just plain concrete.

Price Plain concrete $ 25

Price stained $40


Jockey Boy Statue concrete

Placeholder Image

This Black Jockey Boy

This is the famous Jockey Boy statue.However, some accounts of the figure's origin cause some to see the statue as representing a hero of African American history and culture. According to the River Road African American Museum the figure originated in commemoration of heroic dedication to duty: "It is said that the 'lawn jockey' actually has its roots in the tale of one Jocko Graves 

This White Jockey Boy 

 Charles L. Block son, Curator Emeritus of the Afro-American Collection at Temple University in Philadelphia, claims that the figures were used in the days of the Underground Rail road to guide escaping slaves to freedom: "Green ribbons were tied to the arms of the statue to indicate safety; red ribbons meant to keep going ... People who don’t know the history of the jockey have feelings of humiliation and anger when they see the statue..."Blockson has installed an example of the statue at the entrance to the University's Sullivan Hall.

Concrete only $90

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