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Largest Fire Hydrant







18 Inch Tall Fire Hydrant Largest

This 18 inch tall concrete Fire Hydrant has such good detail  and is the newest of our molds which gives the best finish. 

Price plain Concrete $35

Price Stained $50


      Small Faith Decorative Stone 

This Decorative Faith stone  measuring 9 inch by 3/4 inch thick, can be laied in your garden or a stone holder can be obtained from us, see stone page
Price $14.99

       Sun & Moon Plaque 

This 10 and 1/2 inch wide Sun Moon Plaque is stained and sealed comes with a metal hanger. 

Pice $15.00  

      Sun Plaque Stained

This Sun Plaque has good detail stained and painted, sealed with a hanger on the back, this plaque brings brilliant color to any garden 10 inches by 1/2 inch thick made from concrete , not heavy
Price $15.00  


Concrete Foot Ball.

This football measures 11 inches long and 7.5 inches wide , 6 inches thick, sealed and stained, great gift for the foot ball fan. 
Price $5.00  

       Woman Foot 

This 9 inch long 4 inch wide and 3 inch thick foot of a woman has good detail and will make a great conversation piece
Price $2.50 

Flying Cherub Plaque
This cute Cherub flying  is stained and sealed .Hanger on the back

Price $8.00
LIFE Tile 
This  Small Life Tile for garden or patio, Oriental sign for Life, stained color and sealed for long out door use. size is

Price  $2.50

Bee GARDEN  Tile

This CUTE Bee Garden Tile is stained and sealed for out door use. The size is  inches wide and   inches tall, made from concrete..
 Price $5.00

Set Peace Believe Tiles

These small Tiles are stained and sealed , this set are  inches long and   wide and 1/2 inch thick 
Price per set $3.00


  Decorative Serenity Prayer Plaque 

Decorative Serenity Garden or Wall Plaque, has the Serenity verse on it , stained and sealed made from concrete, has a hanger on the back, this Item is in great demand and is sold at a cheap price to help the cause and message of the verse, this verse means different things to each of us....

Price $15.00

 Bless Our Home

 greatly detailed Garden Plaque states "Bless Our Home", 13 inch long 6 inches tall made from concrete with a hanger on the back 

Price $10.00 



Love Paw Small stones

2 Love Paw Small stones , stained and sealed

Price $5.00  



      Bless our Home Plaque 

This Bless our Home is stained and sealed with a hanger on the back
Price $ 10.  

       Large Pumpkin Concrete Item 

This Large Pumpkin, 17 high and 14 wide will last for years this is a  seasonal Item, see our small pumpkin also 

Price $15

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Pumpkin Scare Crow

Pumpkin Scare Crow.

This is a new item, just for this years Halloween, Scare Crow Pumpkin Statue , comes in 3 pieces , put 3 nails in a Piece of wood and hook the parts on and place in your Yard, comes stained and sealed , normal price 25 dollars now just 20 order yours now.
Price $12.

Fickle Finger of Fate

Fickle Finger of Fate

This 10 inch tall concrete finger comes in either plain or stained , this we all remember from the 1970 s

Price plain $ 10

Price Stained $20


Hemp Leaf Ashtray

Hemp leaf ashtray.

This large 11 inch ashtray is made from concrete stained sealed, great for in doors or out

Price $ 10.00

Pumpkin Stone

Pumpkin decorative stone 

This is a new item

Price $10


Allways Ready Stone

All Way's Ready Stone

This large 13 inch Marine "all ways ready" stone, is the motto of alot of miltary, coast guard.  and other service forces, this stone has 2 lare anchors wrapped in a rope design with a large shield in the center, 4 colors are used , stained and sealed 
Price $15.00 

Angle Cherub Sconce

Angle Cherub  Sconce,

This Angle Sconce measures 9.5 inches by 9 inches by 3 inches thick, great detail, has a hanger on the back, great for decks, sealed 

Price $10.00 

Bare Feet Stones

Bare FOOT Prints Stones 

These fun large footprint  that measures 14" x 8" x 1.5" thick. Sold as a set right and left  
Price $10 

Ribbon stone


    Brest Caner or Miltary Concrete Ribbon

This 14 inch tall , 8 inch wide ribon can be colored either yellow or Pink for either Cancer or Miltary, made from concrete . A metal fastener is on the back for easy instalation

Price $15.00 

Cancer Support Ribbon

Cancer Breast Ribbon. stone

This Pink Ribbon Price $15.00

Lobster Pot Weight

NEW .........Lobster Pot Weight,

This is a Lobster Pot Weight, made from concrete at 5000 psi strength with re-enforced Metal, The size is  16 inces long 10 and 1/4 inches wide and and 1 and 1/2 thick, this concrete slab has groves to fit in the Lobster pot securly, we have 15 in stock at all times and orders can be made for more, all made here in this fishing village of Sambro...This weight is for Wooden Lobster Pots

Price sealed Each $4.50