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Cast Iron Weather vanes

Cast Iron Weather vanes

These  is a beautifully designed Cast iron weather vanes are made just like back in the old days, with thick metal forged then powder coated with several layers of paint.  27 inches tall with a 18 inch arrow, just find north with a compass, GPS or your phone , AND POINT THE NORTH ARROW AT THE DIRECTION OF YOUR NORTH POINTER. Install with screws, then place a small amount of mineral oil or cooking oil on the pointer base and let the wind do all the rest of the work. the arrow will point at the wind direction. this kit will fit any roof from flat to any angle with a adjustable joint at the base. we get some strong wind here in Canada , and where located on the Atlantic side on the ocean and our weather vane has kept up plenty of storms, without any problems , all are black powder coated..several pointers to pick from, including

Eagle, Rooster, Dog, Horse, Sailboat, Country Doctor, Cow,

Price $120


Weather vane Cast Iron


Sail Boat 27 inch 17 inch arrow


Dog 27 inch and 17 inch arrow


cow 27 inch arrow 17 inch

Eagle 27 inch and 17 inch arrow

Horse, Dr and Wagon Cast Iron

 Horse, horse and Buggy, Rooster

Garden Butterflies on Stakes

Garden Butterflies on Stakes

 cute and durable little Butterflies will bringhten up any space and will bring color all year round, they move with the wind which at times look like they are flying. Pick any 6 for ten dollars

Price 6 For $10

Single Wind Chime Ornaments

Asian Single Wind Chimes


Wind Chimes Asian Garden Chimes

Wind Chimes

Cost $6.99

Sundials 10' Aluminum


All Sundials are available in cast Aluminum with baked on Bronze Paint in solid cast bronze, the bronze dials are a bright as cast bronze finish which will age into a beautiful green patina. these are all 10 ' Sundials, concrete pedestal extra

Cost $45.99

10 " Sundials  Zodiac Style

Zodiac Sundial 10"

Count only sunny Hours. The Zodiac Symbols accents the diameter, Roman numerated dial, in this very popular Sundial, in cast Aluminum with baked on Bronze Paint

Cost $45.99

10' Sun Burst Sun Dial

10' Sun Burst Sun Dial

Sunburst Sundial Tempus-Fugit Time Flies, a very true statement Roman Numerated dial with majestic Sunburst in the center, cast aluminum baked on Bronze Paint, Concrete Pedestal extra


Cost $45.99