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Concrete Planters Urns Vases

We manufacture a wide range of Concrete planters, Planters, Urns, Vases for Home Decor, Back Yard Art, Garden Statues, Roman Urns, Swan Planers, and Much More here in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Normandy Concrete Planters

Normandy Jr Planter

Wonderfully detailed Normandy Jr Concrete Planter is a sample paragraph. Height 9.5 inches, 13 .25 inches Square Cavity 11 inches Square 8 inches, Deep base 10 inches \

Code 6x22

Price $40

Normandy Sr Planter

Classic wonderfully detailed larger Hexagon Concrete Planter height is 9.5 inches tall, length is 28.75 inches long ,width is 13.5 , a cavity of 11 by 26, deep 8, base 10 by 24 inches 

Code 6x30

. Price $65

Fleur De Lis Jr Concrete Planters

Fleur De Lis Jr Concrete Planter

This traditional Fleur De Lis French Jr Concrete Planter has amazing detail at 9.5 high, top 13.5 wide, Cavity is 11 x 11 x 8 inches deep, has a drain hole in the bottom

Code 6x21

Price $40


Rectangle Rustic Planter

Rectangle Rustic Planter

Square Rustic Planter is solid concrete with 2 drain holes at the bottom,great for Flower Pots, Lawn Ornaments

Code 6x29

Price $65


Brick Design Rectangle Planter 

Brick Design Rectangle Planter

 Rectangle planter has drain holes, made from pure concrete is inches long and   inches wide . great for seasonal plants ..Flower Pots Decorative

Price $65


Grecian Urn's Baby & Medium Urn



Grecian Urn's, Baby and Medium Urn

Grecian Urn's have a hole in the bottom for drainage, the Baby Urn measures 10 inches High and  across , The Medium Grecian Urn measures 13.5 high and 12 across, made from solid concrete. Both have great detail with grapes and fine edges that show's.

Code 6x14                                                                                     Code 6x20

Price Baby urn concrete only $25  - Medium Grecian Urn plain  $45



Acadian Concrete Planters Round

Acadian Round Concrete Planter

Concrete flower pot Design has Acadian Concrete Planters, size is

Price $65


Ancient Roman Urn

Ancient Roman Urn

  Ancient Roman Urn with design, is 52 Lbs in weight, 8 inches at the base, 13 tall and 14 across the top wide, Lawn Ornaments, Garden Statues

Code 6x39


Price $70

Large Roman Urn

Large Roman Urn

Deluxe Roman Urn 

This Deluxe urn/ planter . The  planter  measures 19 inches tall, 21 inches wide and the base is 9x9 inches square. made from concrete sealed for long term use out doors. Home Decor, Back Yard Art Lawn Ornaments

Code 6x64 

Plain Concrete $95


Large Royal Urn


Huge Fruit Royal Urn

large Royal Urn nice Fruit design, made from solid concrete, with a drain hole, The height is 27 inches  the width is 19 inches across the top inside and  11 inches at the base, Lawn Ornaments, Home Decor  weight is  over 150 pounds ,

Code 6x71

 Price $160.


Oak Bucket

Oak Concrete Bucket. 

concrete Oak Bucket looks great with flowers on a deck, the size is 10 inches  height and it is 10 inches  wide, and 8 inches at the base, has a hole for drainage to prevent cracking in the winter, all soil should be removed in the winter  the weight is  . 

Code 6x13

Price concrete only $ 25

Price stained sealed $ 40

Egyptian Urn Large



Concrete Egyptian Urn Large.

. 18 "tall large Egyptian Urn has a hole for drainage, it width is 17 inches at the top and 12 inches at the bottom, made from solid concrete Planter, nice detailed rope design

Code 6x74

Price $140 weight 156 lbs


Fire Boy Planter Statue

Concrete Fire boy Planter Statue

Fire boy Flower Pot statue is made from concrete standing 16 inches Tall, 9 inches wide and 6 inches Deep. weight is 22 lbs , see our other fire boy statue , Lawn Ornaments  Concrete Planter

Code 6x12
Plain Concrete Price $25 
Stained Statue Price $39.95 


Swan Concrete Planters

Swan Concrete  Planter.

swan planter is made of concrete and is sold stained white or plain concrete, 19 inches tall,26 inches long and 12 wide, looks great in any space., we cast a small metal rod in the thin neck to last for years if not damaged.

Code 6x288

Price pl $60  cl $85

Donkey Flower Pot/Planter

Donkey Flower Pot statue

This cute Donkey Cart Planter has good detail it measures 19 inches long 10 high and 9 wide. great to add life to your yard or garden, we will be staining one soon so a picture will follow..

Code 6x19

Concrete Only Price $ 34.95

Stained Price $ 55.


Large Grape Urn

Large Grape Urn

Grape Urn 17 inches tall,.23 across top and 14 across bottom., with a drainage hole, with Grapes running down each side , Lawn Ornaments

Price $ 170


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