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Concrete Windsor Fountain Kit 


 Windsor fountain kit, we are selling. Easy to install , fun and entertaining, also increasing the value of your home.  Standing 56 inches tall, all you need is a pump, mortar and plastic hose, this will be a focal point in your private space. Great for meditation spaces as the soft sound of water flowing brings relaxing peace

Code 3x135

cost  entire kit is $249.95

There is a link below that shows how to put your new fountian kit together when you get it home. any questions please call or email us

Asian Fish Fountain Concrete

Asian Fish Fountain concrete

This fountain will bring the relaxing sounds of water in to your space.. enjoy your hidden meditation sanctuary by installing in a Fountain, easy to install.

Code 3x239

  • Dimensions: 43" H x 26" W x 24” DIA 
  • Weight: 204 pounds
  • Material: Cast Stone



Sale Price        $299

Gargoyle Water Fountain

Gargoyle Water Fountain

 Gargoyle Water Fountain is very Unique Concrete Statue, Back Yard Art Sculpture. The water comes out of his chin back to the Shell Where the motor picks up the water and returns the cycle. Bowel size     , total height    Inches, there is a small area under the Gargoyle that hides the motor

Price $345.


Grecian Woman Water Fountain

Grecian Woman with Urn Water Concrete Fountain.

This is beautiful designed Grecian Woman pouring a drink in the Scalloped shaped concrete Bowl standing at   inches Tall, has hidden compartment for the water built into the base and no need to move any thing as water can be filled from a small opening in the back. comes in tree pieces and can be moved or picked up in a car..

Price $365.


Elephant 2 Tier Fountain


2 Tier Concrete Elephant fountain

This amazing 2 Tier concrete Fountain, will bring enjoyment to any private space, this elephant will blow out the water as it moves it way down, then get recycled, we make 4 of these per year. 47 INCHES TALL, these water feature's bring lots of feathered friends

Code 3x249

Price $425


Cherub Fountain



Cherub Concrete  Fountain

Water features can help turn your landscape into something special, providing a focal point, attracting wildlife and soothing water sounds. This  66 inch Tall fountain is made from solid concrete, large bowel is 30 inches wide, middle bowel is 20 inches wide, then 13 inches wide and the smallest bowel is 8 inches. Great detail. Easy to install, combine to create this water feature designed to enhance any living space indoors or out doors.

Code 3x345

 $555Sale Price No Discounts 

Concrete Italian Fountain

 Italian Water Fountain

Relax to the magical sounds of trickling water, uncover a hidden sanctuary by installing a fountain. This 4 tier Fountain is 56 inches tall , made from solid concrete with a hidden area to hide the pump and a insert to run the tube for water from the pump. The bottom bowel is 30 inches across second bowel is 19 inches and each gets smaller, This fountain comes apart in to  4 pieces, for easy transportation. Customer just needs to pick up a pump , assemble fountain with help and fill with water. We have this item on sale for this year, we make 4 per year so order early ..

Code 3x325

 PRICE   $475 


Tulip Concrete Fountain 2 tier

Tulip Two 2 Tier Fountain comes in 4 pieces, , 2 pedestals and 2 bowels, height  inches,

Price plain concrete $500

3 Tier Tulip Concrete water Fountain

3 tier Concrete Water Fountain , includes 3 pedestals and 3 bowels, does not include pump total height is  inches tall

Price $690

Price $

Fountain Accessories

Pump Housing Large 36 Inch Bowl

This concrete pump housing only works with our Tulip 36 inch Bowl, it not only holds the pump but can also hole a statue to allow water to flow from such as  a Concrete Urn

Price $45.

Pump Housing for 31 inch Tulip Bowl

This concrete pump housing only works with our Tulip 31 inch Bowl, it not only holds the pump but can also hole a statue to allow water to flow from such as  a Concrete Urn 

Price $40

Indian Madian Fountain topper



Indian Maiden Fountain topper

This can be used as a  Indian Fountain Topper for the top of a fountain or can sit by it self, it shows a Indian girl sitting by a water fall

Price $59.99


Large Gnome with Fish


Large Gnome with Fish.

Extra large Gnome Concrete Garden statue with fish. Gnome lovers this is a must for any garden, standing  32 inches tall and 13 inches wide at the fish. this statue can be precast for a large water fountain to spout water from the fish, great for Fish Ponds

Price Plain $90         $150.

Center Pump Housing Concrete

Concrete Center Pump Housing

This is a concrete pump housing for the center of the fountain or birdbath, it has flower detail around the middle section of the housing

Price $50


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