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We Service Atlantic Canada, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia with  Made in Canada products from Concrete or Cement for Garden, Back Yards for out door Use

Garden Tree Face Plaque


Tree Face Plaque.

11 by 14 inch by 4 inches thick, has a hanger, made from concrete, Made in Canada, we stain this in several different colors.,garden Face,Tree Face,precast

 $30                 $49.95

Human Concrete Skull

Concrete HUMAN Skull Life size


Egyptian Face


Egyptian Face concrete statue




Half Moon Face Stone

Stone Half Moon Face

14 inches long flat half moon concrete decorative stone


Large Sun  Garden Face


Large Sun Face

This is a large Sun Face made from concrete and has a Hanger on the back, for easy installation  

 $30.00               $49.99

Nightmare Face garden Face

Nightmare Garden Face

This is a new item and has such great detail, it may remind you of a bad nightmare or a spooky movie , this will get people engaged in conversation, great garden face

Price plain $30



Small Sun FACE with Sun Glasses stone

Sun Face with Sun Glasses Stone

13 inches sun face with glasses


Concrete Lion Fountain

Entrance way Lion or Wall Fountain

16" x 14 and  4" thick in the center of the face. Fierce lion makes a great entryway piece... this Lion is loaded with detail and they are very easy to hang, with a built in metal hanger.  We place  a tube into the mouth and turn this awesome creature into a fountain spewing water into a bowl below.. Talk to us and pick our minds as what to do with this item...

Price Concrete Only $35 

 Price Stained $49.95

Grape man Garden Face



Welcome to the Grape Man Face.

 Grape man, the god of the wines from grape. this detailed large. size is
stained and sealed with a hanger on the back made of metal for long out door use . Garden Face

Price Plain Concrete $15

Price Stained $24.99

Trio Garden Funny Faces

Hear See and Speak no Evil.

These highly detailed faces are 6 inches around and have wire hangers on the back for out side or inside use, stained sealed made from concrete



 Chubby Cheek Garden Face


Concrete Chubby Cheek, Garden  Face

medium sized garden concrete face is, 5 tall and 8 wide, great for any space to brighten up your day.

Price plain $20

Concrete Chubby Smiling


Concrete Receeding Forehead Smiling 

Medium sized concrete garden face that has a cheerful happy smiling face with his tongue hanging out. Garden Face

Price Plain Concrete $20

Mr Garden Chubby Face

Chubby Garden Face 

This small but cute Mrs Chubby Face has great detail and is stained and sealed for out side use, but can be used in doors if wanted , the face is 5 inches wide, Concrete Garden Face

Price $5.99 


Happy Garden Face

  Happy GARDEN Face.

 1 foot long 10 inch high Happy Garden Face, comes sealed and with a hook for easy hook up, great for gift's. 

                                                      PRICE $ 4.99


Theater Face Mask


Theater Face Masks

 cute set of stained Theater Face masks will look great in your space, they have a hanger on the back for easy installation, This 4 and 1/2 inch wide round and 1 and 1/2 inches thick  , they will add lots of color, 2 masks included, Garden Face like the tree face
Price $7.99  


Dracula Concrete Garden Face

Dracula Concrete Face

This are small concrete face stones of Dracula, they come stained and sealed with a hanger on the back, the size is 6 inches plus tall and 4.5 inches wide and almost 2 thick. come as a set stained. Garden Face

Price plain concrete $4.99

Price  Stained $9.99


Bull Head on Plaque or stone


Bull Head

14 inches by 14 concrete


Gargoyle Face Plaque or Leg Embellishment

Gargoyle Face or Bench Leg Embellishment.

This 10 inch by 9 inch Gargoyle Face has great detail and also can be used on our Bench Leg as a embellishment to add to your Mystic Decor in your Personal Garden, teeth are painted with Glow in the dark Paint , we also put a metal hanger on the back, so it may be hung in door or out, sealed and stained to bring out the detail;

Price $16.99


Neptune Garden Face Plaque


Neptune Face Plaque Concrete

10 by 9 inch Scallop Shell with Neptune face coming out of it, Great Detail has a hanger on the back

 $19.99        $39.95


       Small Pumpkin 

This small Pumpkin Concrete Statue has such great detail, its stained and sealed

Price $ 6.50

       Sun Face Plaque

These Concrete Sun Face Plaque are stained and sealed , 17 inches wide and comes with a hanger on the back. Pick any for
Price $19.95 


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