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Concrete Dog Statues

I Bring out the animals personality with unmatched realism. Some of our customer's remarked "THAT'S MY DOG". I as a hobby make a wide range of garden statues of dogs, German Sheppard dog statue, Boston Terrier Dog Statue, Bull Dog Statue and also used as lawn ornaments such as the Dalmatian dog statue, Bull Terrier dog statue, Pitt Bull Dog Statue, French Bull Dog Statue, Gray Hound Dog Statue, Husky Dog Statue, Cocker Spaniel Dog Statue, also called Back Yard Art. Concrete Dog Statues we also make are the Border Collie Dog Statue, Collie Dog Statue, Labrador Dog Statue, Golden Retriever Dog Statue, Scottie Terrier Dog Statue, Westie Dog Statue, Irish Setter Dog Statue, Beagle Dog Statue,Yorkie Dog Statue, Doberman Dog Statue,Stafford shire Bull Terrier Dog Statue,Boxer Dog Statue, Poodle Dog Statue,Sheep Dog Statue, Shih-Tzu Dog Statue, Rottwieller Dog Statue, Pug Dog Statue, Basset Hound Dog Statue, Silky Terrier Dog Statue, Concrete Dog Statue Fire Hydrants

Golden Retriever Concrete Dog Statue


Sitting Golden Retriever Dog Statue

 Golden Retriever has such great detail it will draw a persons eyes to the statue. its weight is around 100 pounds, comes in either straight concrete or stained to the likeness of your best friend. we can also put pets ashes in the statue when casting them, this is a great idea for customer that have lost their pets. 24 inches Tall

Plain concrete Price $90    Stained  Price $150


DASH hound Concrete Dog Statue

Dash Hound Dog Statue Made From Concrete For Sale

Unique Small Concrete Statue of  a Dash Hound 14 inch long

Price $25 Colored $45

Chihuahua Dog Statue Small life size

Life size small Chihuahua Dog Statue Concrete

$25 PLAIN and $40 colored

Concrete Dog Statues


Terrier Peeing 

Cute Scottie Peeing statue, sociable nature, look great next to a fire hydrant, its size is  6.5 inches tall, 10 inches long and 6 wide

Price concrete only $20  Price stained sealed $30

Poodle Dog Statue

This amazing detailed Poodle statue,The The intelligence, alertness,sociable nature of the poodle are captured , size is 15.5 inches tall, 9.5 wide and 7 inches wide

Price concrete only $50   Price stained sealed $79.99

Bull Terrier



 The Bull Terrier Dog Statue

Cute Bull Terrier has such good detail , Height 47cm Width 25cm depth 40cm statue is stained and sealed for years of out door use, should last a life time, This is the dog in the Target Commercials and Don Cherry Dog

Concrete only $50      Stained Price $80

Small Dog with Wings Statue

Small Dog concrete with wings.

Small concrete dog with wings 8 inches tall 11 long and 5 wide can also be colored

Plain Concrete $25.  Painted $39

Dog Digging Concrete Statue


Dog Digging Concrete Statue,9 inches tall, 9 deep and 5 wide  this cute dogs butt, sticking out of the ground will get a laugh any Place you put him.

 Plain  $25    Stained $40

Largest Fire Hydrant

18 Inch Tall Fire Hydrant Largest

This 18 inch tall concrete Fire Hydrant has such good detail  and is the newest of our molds which gives the best finish. 

plain $45   Cl $69

Border Collie

This 16 inch tall, 12 deep and 10 wide, concrete Border Collies has amazing detail, it can be stained to the liking of your dog.seal all colored statues weight 42 pounds

Plain Concrete Price $50    Stained  statue Price $69.

French Bull Dog Statue

 French Bull Dog Concrete Statue

 Bull dog sitting has a studded working harness on, harness along with the teeth and nails, the statue sits 13.5 inches Tall 5 inches wide and 7 deep weight  lbs

Pl     $25.00   Stained  $39.00 





Lady and Trap Cocker Spaniel


This statue depicting Lady and The Tramp statue or Cocker Spaniel 12 inch Tall 7 wide and 9 deep concrete Stained statue is sealed for out door use. 

Price plain $35   Price Colored $ 49.00

Westie Dog Statue


Westie Dog Statue concrete

14 inches Tall, 8 wide and 10 inches deep statue, is stained and made from concrete weight 24  lbs

 Concrete $35   Colored  $59

Irish Setter Puppy Dog Statue


Irish Setter Puppy Dog Statue

 Irish setter puppy in the sitting position, sits 14.5 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 9 inches deep. The Irish setter is known by his friends as THE MAD IRISHMAN, with a Devil may care way about him. Not expensive to feed, made from concrete , stained and sealed for out door or in door use. 

Concrete only $30     Price Stained $ 49.00


Puppy Beagle Dog

Puppy Beagle Dog Laying

This beagle dog in the laying position, this dog is stained and sealed, it also comes just plain concrete.
Plain Price $30
Price Stained $45.00 


Large Gray Hound Statue


Large Gray Hound Concrete Statue

This stunning, proud sitting winner Gray Hound concrete statue has incredible detail, comes either stained or just plain concrete , a must for any Gray hound Lover

 30" High  , The base is 11" x  9"

Price concrete $85       Price Stained $110

Spaniel and York Shire Concrete Statues

        Spaniel Laying  Dog Statue 

Spaniel Dog Statue stained made from concrete sealed for out door use.

Price Plain concrete $20     Price Stained $30.00

       York shire concrete statue

Most elegant proportions this 14 inches Tall, 8 wide and 10 inches deep statue, is stained and made from concrete weight 24  lbs

Price Concrete only$35 Price stained  $ 59

Large Doberman Concrete Statue

 Doberman Concrete Statue

Fierce watch dog for your front porch, protector family friend, This Large Doberman statue is 34 inches tall, 23 by 11 inches at the base,  weight 225 pounds, this perfect pooch will flank your front door standing on guard, perfect gift for any Doberman lover. comes in either plain concrete or stained like your dog, This statue is very heavy and needs a truck to move..

Price concrete only $ 120

Price stained $160

Labrador Dog Statue Large Concrete


Labrador Concrete statue

This 30 inch Tall large Concrete Labrador statue weight 225 pounds  heavy, Can be Stained any color

Price concrete only $120

Price stained sealed $150

Ex Large English Bull Dog Statue

Ex Large English Bull Dog Statue

This statue will be a focal point to any  driveway, yard or dog park and garden's, breeders can mark their own property with this amazing weather friendly statue. This 30 inch tall concrete statue 23 by 12 inches at the base . weight 330 pounds, This is a massive statue can be used as a Entrance way post for your drive way. Can be stained like your dog picture. This is the largest concrete statue made of a Bull dog in North America, we cast 4 of this statue a year, order early

Price concrete only $160.00

Price stained $200.00 

To ship this dog to Edmonton, Alberta  $367.05 plus the cost of the statue


Sleeping Dog Statue

Sleeping Dog Statue

This Dog seems to be backing in the sun and sure to steal your heart at 14 inches long, 4 high and 9 deep, this is a great statue for the porch

Price concrete $ 25   Stained price $45


Yorkshire Standing Concrete Statue

Standing Yorkshire concrete Statue.

Soft on the eyes's, this adorable Yorkshire concrete statue is good for both out door and in door use. A great companion . Beautifully detailed and comes in either straight concrete or hand stained and sealed for long lasting out door use. This statue can be stained to the likeness of your pet.Its size ids almost life like at 13 inches tall, 6 inches wide and 12 inches long. Order early as we make only 10 per year.

Price concrete only $40

Price Stained $ 65


Large German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dog Large.

This German Shepherd Police dog has great detail, standing a amazing  27 inches  Tall, 12 Inches wide and 16 deep, this statue comes both stained and straight concrete, this dog is known world wide as a Police Dog or Rescue Dog, This dog is a Male and can prove it.... lol

Straight concrete Price $ 100   Price Stained $169

Looking for a Real German Shepherd in the Maritime Area click here   Link Countryland German Shepherd


Dalmation Dog with Basket


 Dalmatian Dog Statue with Basket

large Concrete Dalmatian Dog with Basket / Planter...Tall 22 inches , Wide at hips 9 inches and 12 inches deep. Statue comes stained and Sealed as seen in picture and plain concrete. Lawn Ornaments or Back Yard Art garden statues

 Cost   $85.00       Price Colored $120.00.


Small Cute Baegle

Small Cute Beagle Dog

Cute Beagle Dog statue or door stopper, This small statue has good detail and is a eye catcher....Comes stained or just plain concrete,  9 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

Plain concrete $ 25     Stained Price $39


German Sheppard large


Large Concrete German Shepherd Statue

This large German Shepard stands 32 inches Tall, stained sealed.

                  Stained and Sealed  Price $125.00
  Plain Concrete Price $80.00


Medium Dalmatian Dog statue

Medium Dalmatian Dog statue

This 18 inch tall sitting Dalmatian dog , comes plain concrete or stained,  We make 6 of these per year so order early

Price plain concrete $40.00    Price stained sealed $69.00

Play Full Concrete Dog Statue

Play Full Concrete Dog Statue

This adorable small concrete play full dog statue, is  long and  high, width  .

Price concrete  $15

Price stained $30


Beagle Standing Concrete Dog Statue



Beagle Standing Concrete Dog Statue.

 This is a new statue is 15 tall and 19 inches long, has a good resemblance to the breed.We call him the standing Beagle order as we only make 6 per year and they don't last long.statue is 58 pounds in pure concrete

Price plain concrete $60  Stained version $99.00

Husky Concrete Dog statue Standing



Husky Concrete Dog Statue Standing.

Husky Dog Statue is 22 inch tall and 23' long this concrete Husky can be stained several ways,including  Samoyed, Alaskan, Husky and a few more to match your Artic style dog. Sold either stained like your dog or plain concrete.Statue weight   is 88 pounds of pure concrete . Lawn Ornaments Concrete Dog Statues

Plain Concrete $100    Stained $169

Pitt Bull- Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pitt Bull- Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This 18 inch tall concrete statue is a great addition to any Dog lover It can be stained any color of your Pet, this delightfully charming Pitt Bull or Staff Dog can be ordered in any color just send us your picture of your Dog, we make 6 per year, so order early

Price straight concrete $ $60     Price stained sealed $95


Concrete Sitting Boxer


  Sitting Boxer Dog Statue Concrete

This wonderful concrete Boxer statue with fabulous hand stained detailing is 32 inch Tall in the  sitting position, this is 14 inch at the base it's weight is 162 lbs. This statue is a sitting Cropped dog being very alert. This statue has plenty of detail. This statue would look great guarding a home. This statue can be stained to your dogs colors or close, send a picture front and side view a center piece in  your home for years to come.

                                concrete $ 120 Painted $170

Husky and Hush Puppy Dog statues

       Husky Puppy concrete Statue 

This cute puppy Husky Concrete Statue sits 16 inches Tall, 10 inches wide and 13 deep weight at 47 lbs  full of detail he is waiting for a owner and Friend

Price $40 Plain Concrete   Price Stained $59.00

      Hush Puppy crying

This small 11 inch tall Basset Hound , hush puppy dog is standing with his ears on the ground , crying,.

Price concrete $15   Price Stained $ 25.00.

Boston Terrier concrete Dog

Boston Terrier concrete Dog

This wonderful pleasant concrete replica of a Boston Terrier sits   17 inches Tall, 10 .5 inches deep and 7.5 inches wide, will make a great addition to any dog lover. Realistic looking,  23 pounds weight 

Price Plain concrete $45.00  Price stained sealed $75.00

Large Poodle Dog Statue

Large Poodle Dog Statue

This poodle with Attitude stands 18 inches Tall and 6 wide at the base and 10 deep, this statue like all of our is stained, comes also in plain concrete, will stand out in your garden in the winter and bring life.. 

Price concrete $25    Price stained sealed $40

Spaniel and Bull Dog Statues

      Cocker Spaniel Dog Statue#1

This dog has such good detail.  For sale is a cute cocker spaniel dog. The finished statue measures 11 inches tall, and 10 inches wide.  seamless, pictures do not do this item justice as it has an incredible amount of detail. With proper use this statue can last for a life time, great in the house or in your garden. Comes in plain or stained in 2 different colors see picture

             Stained Price $45.00
     Price plain concrete $25.00 

      Concrete English Bull Dog Statue

This 12 inch long Bull dog puppy wants to play, wearing his studded collar. Made from concrete a great friend to have in the house or in the garden , stained sealed, long lasting concrete.

                  Price $20.00


Labrador statues concrete

Small adorable Dog Statue

 Small adorable Dog measures 9 inches  Tall, comes sealed and stained in 3 different colors.
Price $15.00

Labrador Puppy Dog

Concrete  Labrador statue is 30 lbs in weight, 

Price straight concrete $25.00 

Price $35.00 stained sealed 

 Shih Tzu dog Statue

      Shih Tzu Dog

Shih Tzu Dog  concrete statue is stained and sealed it sits 15 inches long, 14 inches High and 7 inches wide, its weight is 49 lbs 

$ 55.00  Cl $  75.00

      Shih Tzu Dog Statue Garden Ornament

Shih Tzu Dog  10 inch tall, 5 inch wide and 11 inches long  ornament is made from concrete stained and sealed for out door use weight  18 \lbs

 concrete $20.00  stained Price$ 40,00

Rottweiller and Poodle concrete Statues

      Small Rottweiler concrete Statue 

Rottweiler dog statue 12 inch Tall 7 inch wide 6 inch Deep concrete has great detail,   weight 13 lbs 

Price concrete only $15    Price Stained $ 25.00 

      Poodle Concrete Dog Small 

 .   Small Concrete Poodle Dog Statue for garden or as a ornament out doors.Weight 15 lbs 
Price $25 

Pug Dog Concrete Statues

      Laying Pug Dog Statue Small      

This small detailed concrete statue of a laying Pug Dog, stained and sealed for out door use,

Price $20.00 

Laying Pug Dog Water Dish
STAINLESS WATER DISH INCLUDED , 12 inches long, stained and sealed

Price Stained with dish $20.00

Basset hound concrete Statue

   Large Basset Hound Concrete Statue.

 massive 26 inch long, 15 wide and 16 inches Tall Basset Hound Dog Statue has great detail, Concrete Basset hound  Statue or lawn ornament
Price $100 plain concrete   Price stained sealed $169

Small Dog concrete Statues

      Small Silky Terrier Dog Statue 

  Silky Terrier Dog Statue is a cross  York shire and a Australian Terrier, forming this long haired Terrier, he is full of character at 12 inches long, 10 inches wide and 7 inches deep ,
Price $ 25

      Small Concrete Boxer.

This Boxer stands 7 inches Tall made from concrete, great detail, stained

                                                                $10 plain $15

Shipping very expensive and normally starts at ten times the price of my statues to as much as twenty eight times the price and all have to be wooden crated before shipped, customer s arrange all shipping crating and pickup and delivery.

All Shipping is arranged by Customers

Extra Charge of 5% on all Credit Card Payments, I accept Visa, Master Card, Discovery, No Debit

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