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Bear Statue Welcome Sign

Welcome Bear Statue ,

This greatly detailed Bear Welcome sign garden statue made from concrete stained and sealed, This mold we made from scratch for the first time, we are giving a discount on this statue because we saved on having to buy one so we have passed the saving along to you ..

Code 4x16

Price  $35.00 
 Painted $59.99


Welcome Garden Frog Sign

Welcome Frog Plaque

This beautifully detailed Welcome frog Plaque garden ornament, has 2 frogs and a plant Pot on the face, stained and painted with concrete paint sealed for long lasting use, out doors or indoors . This is made from concrete with a metal hanger on the back. the size is 11  inches 

Code 4x4

Price $10.00



Dragonfly Welcome Sign

 Dragonfly Welcome Stone.

These lovely Dragonfly Welcome stone garden decor that measure a 11" x 1 & 1/4" thick.. Has a hanger in the back, stained painted and sealed , made from concrete for long lasting stationary use. This is a unique design, had also flowers in the back ground..

Code 4x5

Plain Concrete Price $10

Price Stained $24.95 


Frog Couple Welcome Sign 

Frog Couple Welcome Sign ...

 Frog couple Welcome Sign  is  inches Tall and  inches Thick and   inches Wide, its weight is   lbs, This Frog couple would look good in any drive way,Frog Garden Ornaments

Code 4x17
Plain concrete Price $ 35
Stained Statue Price $ 55 

Snail Welcome Stone

Snail Welcome Stone


Dog Welcome Sign

Welcome Retriever  Sign 

   This is a Retriever Welcome Sign. measures 11" x 1" thick, stained and sealed with a hanger on the back, great for any home that loves pets, even better for the Retriever Owners a must ,Dog Welcome sign yard art

Code 4x5.1

Price $ 16.99

Welcome Collie Sign  

   This is a Retriever Welcome ornaments measures 11" x 1" thick, stained and sealed with a hanger on the back, great for any home that loves pets, even better for the Retriever Owners a must,

Code 4x5.2

Price $ 16.99


Bear Welcome Sign

Welcome Bear Shape  Sign.

This fun Concrete, bear welcome Sign Garden Ornament measures 15" x 8" x 3/4" thick.. Great for decorative stepping stones or wall decor.... This is Great for Bear lovers and welcomes people to a Friendly House, A metal hanger is attached to the back,, comes stained and sealed for out door use, this is a new design

Code 4x3

Price $15.00 


Grimm Reaper Welcome stone

Grim Reaper Welcome Stone plain $10 colored $20

Unique Welcome Sign's

Dog Bone Welcome Sign

This is a new darling dog bone Welcome Sign  plaque that measures appx. 16" x  6" x 1/2" thick.. Comes in several different colors. Painted with latex paint and sealed, a hanger is on the back for easy hanging

Code 4x4.90

Plain Concrete Price $8

Stained Price$ 17.99

Pea's Come In Sign

This adorable Pea's come in sign .This 14 inches long 6 inches wide, welcomes any friend's to your home, stained, painted and sealed, ready for your home or garden, made from concrete. A hanger is attached to sign's back for easy attachment, to a nail any where in side or out !

Code 4x8

Plain Concrete Price $10

Stained Price $ 25.99



Frog Welcome Sign #1



Welcome Frog Sign #1.

This Frog Sign no 1, is frog stepping stone..measures just under 12" x 1/2 thick. . We can put a hanger on the back when we make it for you. Would look great on any entrance door

Code 4x3.5

Plain concrete Price $10
Stained Price $24.99


Pig Welcome Sign

Cute Welcome Pig Shape Sign,

This fun plastic pig welcome Sign measures 15" x 11 x up to over 1" thick.. Great for decorative stepping stones or wall decor....This Welcome Sign comes with a metal hanger built in to the Sign, all you need is a Nail, colorant used to create this sign

Code 4x3.25

Price plain concrete $10

Price Stained $19.99


Caution Bull Dog Sign


This. large unique CAUTION Dog Sign is 14  inches long and 9 inches  tall, sand casted by hand made from concrete, hand  stained and sealed for in door or out door use.This sign has great detail and is cute

Code 4x12

Price Plain Concrete $ 19.99

                         Price Stained Sealed $44.99  


Welcome To My Garden



Welcome to my Garden, Dragonfly  Stone

 This Elegant looking dragonfly welcome sign has detail plus, stained and sealed for out door use , made from concrete. Hanger on the back   11 inch by 1/2 inch thick 

Code 4x3.75

Plain Concrete Price $10
Stained Price $19.99


Small Alligator Welcome Stone

Welcome Alligator

stone 7 inches wide


Squirrel Welcome Stone

Squirrel Welcome Stone

ornamental concrete stone small 9 inch wide half inch thick


Rooster Welcome Stone

Rooster Welcome Stone

can be walked on thick rooster welcome stone


Moose Welcome stone

Cement Welcome Moose stone


Butterfly Welcome Stone

Butterfly welcome stone

10 inch wide ornamental


Cat Welcome Stone

Cat Welcome Decorative Stone $10

16 inch Welcome Sign Scroll

Welcome Sign Scroll

16 inch long half inch thick


Horse Welcome stone

Horse Welcome Stone


Frog Shaped Large WELCOME



Frog shaped Welcome Sign.

This is an  adorable large frog Welcome stone..measures 16" x 13" x  up to 2" thick.  A hanger is on the back for easy installation. Stained and sealed, this is a unique shape of the frog, This cute item will catch any ones eye and would look great on any door.

Code 4x7.5

Price plain concrete $25
Price Stained $40

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