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Dragons, Gargoyles, Myths, Gods.

Some of MY concrete gargoyle statues and lawn ornaments have some mythical past or superstition behind them, like dragon statues. Gargoyles & Dragons can be found in 2 cultures, the Asians & Europeans. The Asians  for thousands of years held the dragon as a creature from the past. The European's have plenty of story's of Dragons and Castles, their dragons blew flames. Gargoyles had superstition in that they Protected the home's and garden's from evil spirits, and statues were used as water spouts on Victorian building's.Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Statues.I have gargoyles for sale


Service Atlantic Canada, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia with  Made in Canada products from Concrete, Cement for Garden, Back Yards for outdoor Use, Statuary, Garden Ornaments, Landscaping Products and Figurines

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Large Wall Concrete Gargoyle



Right Side of Wall Gargoyle

First time this Garden Statues has been offered in Canada, made from concrete stained and sealed , all white on the statue is painted with glow in the dark paint The statue sits 14 inches from the wall "thick", a hanger is attached to the back. 

Cost Plain  $120

Left View Wall Gargoyle

Unique Wall Plaque Gargoyle sits and it's purch Guarding your property, it's detail and size is over whelming it is 24 inches tall to the wings and 21 Inch wide, gargoyle lawn ornaments

 Cost $175 Stained

Huge Gargoyle on Phinneal

                                            Huge Gargoyle on Phinneal

Huge Concrete Gargoyle 57 inch tall , 21 by 21 at the bottom, solid concrete Huge Gargoyle weight when it dries is 680 pounds. This massive statue will become a land mark for your neighbors. We cast only 4 per year because of its monster weight.. NO DISCOUNTS On THIS STATUE. Be one of the few to own such a amazing Gargoyle Statues any where in the world . gargoyle statuary

Price concrete only $650  Price stained $799.


Extra Large Concrete Gargoyle


Extra Large Gargoyle

 Extra Large Concrete Gargoyle is a Fierce watch dog for your garden, front gate or yard, This is our largest free standing Gargoyle  statue. A True larger than life statement piece of most elegant proportions! Height 27 inches. We will only be casting 6 per year so order early. gargoyle statue for sale

 $140                  $180

 Concrete Gargoyle Statue #1

Watchful Gargoyle Concrete Statue

.Size is L 13     W 13   D 11 inches  .. Garden Gargoyle, Lawn Ornaments

Plain Concrete Price $60   Stained price $80


 Gargoyle Brother #2

Watchful Concrete Gargoyle Brother

Gargoyle one of the tree watchful Gargoyle Brothers, Back Yard Art, Lawn Ornaments, Garden Statues Size is L 12 W 13  D 11 inches  ... . Garden Gargoyle,

$60  colored $80


Gollum Statue


 Gollum Concrete Statue

 17 .5 inches tall, 11 wide.  character in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  The word golem occurs once in the Bible in Psalms  139:16, which uses the word (my Golem), meaning "my unshaped form", connoting the unfinished human being before God’s eyes. Garden Ornaments, Back Yard Art or Lawn Sculptures


In Modern Hebrew, Golem is used to mean "dumb" or "helpless". Similarly, it is often used today as a metaphor for a brainless or entity

Price Concrete $40.00



 Ghost Garden Concrete Statue


French Pleurant Garden Concrete Statue

This Statue is well known by the French as a Statue of Sorrow standing 23 inches tall and 9 wide and 8 inches deep, This statue is a great gift for someone who has lost a love one, others use it as a Ghost..looks Ghoulish or creepy...

Plain concrete Price $40

Stained Sealed Price $65 


Smiling Garden Gargoyle 


Smiling Gargoyle

Smiling Garden Gargoyle Lawn Ornaments looks great on a pedestal or just sitting in your garden or home, office. 20 inches tall. 11 wide and 8 deep.

Plain  $45  Colored $65


Gargoyle Leg

Gargoyle Leg

This gargoyle lawn ornament we use for bench legs or small table pedestals but can be used as just a gargoyle statue, its weight is 80 pounds of solid concrete.

Price $65

Large Gargoyle Winged

Large Gargoyle

 large 3-D statue of a Gargoyle with its wing expanded is  21 Tall and 19 in wide span, weight 60 lbs. Will look amazing on any property, a must for Garden Gargoyle lovers, outdoor Garden Statue, he is chained to a square concrete post, Back Yard Art, Lawn Ornaments, concrete Gargoyle Statue

Price stained $125

Price concrete $80


Horned Gargoyle statue


Horned Gargoyle concrete Statues

 17.5 inch Tall Horned Gargoyle is 11 wide and 11 inches Deep, heavier than it looks,Gargoyle lawn ornament, garden statue 

Price concrete $40   Cost stained  $65


Baby Dragon Right

   Baby Dragon Right
   12 inch high Baby Dragon , he needs a home for Him and her brother , see left Baby stained sealed great detail, heavy, 1 foot high, 7 inches wide at base and 6 deep,

Price $ 30
Stained $50

Baby Gargoyle dragon Left

                                                    Baby Gargoyle male left

1 foot high baby gargoyle dragon needs a home for her and her Brother (see Right Baby)

 great detail, made from concrete

 concrete only $25

Colored $50



Gremlin concrete statue

Gremlin Concrete Statue

This is a 13 inch tall, 9 wide and 5 deep,, weight 30 pounds and made of solid concrete, this statue comes either plain concrete or stained as above, new statue 2015 

Plain concrete Price $35   Stained Price $59.99


Gargoyle With Family

Mother Gargoyle Statues

Detailed Gargoyle Mother with off spring, being protected under her wings.  Made from concrete stained and sealed stands 14 inches tall, 2 feet wide

Plain concrete $60

Price Stained $90


Large Right Gargoyle



Large Right Handed Gargoyle

 large Concrete Gargoyle  Statue has fine detail Stands 19 inches Tall

 Legend and Superstition held that the Gargoyle Frightened away Evil Spirits They where used as water spouts in the Victorian times

Cost  $55     Colored $ 90


Gargoyle Right


Large Right  Gargoyle

This Left Gargoyle has a brother called right Gargoyle, they as a set, protect entrance ways from Evil, Standing 19 inches tall, this Gargoyle is so mean they needed to chain him to the post, get the pair for 150.00  weight 58 lbs

Plain concrete $55     Price Stained$90.00


Hideous Gargoyle

Hideous Gargoyle.

Hideous Gargoyle Statue, setting on stone wall,

watching over you entrance from Evil, stands 12 inches tall, Lawn Ornaments Weight 20 lbs



 Price concrete only $35   Price Stained $65.00



Gizmo concrete statue

Gizmo concrete statue.

Gizmo he is 13 tall 9 wide and 5 deep, his weight is 20 pounds, he is the gargoyle family.Remember be responsible, 3 rules No water, don,t feed after midnight ,avoid bright light.

Price Concrete $25   Price $45


Guardian Monk

alt     alt

This medium sized Concrete statue, stands 14 inches tall,7.5 inches thick at the base,  stained sealed, A Monk is a person who practices religious asceticism, living either alone or with any number of other monks. A monk may be a person who decided to dedicate his life to serving all other living beings ,

Plain $25   Cl $ 45.00.

Large 4 foot Dragon

 For sale is  a large 3 part dragon. The finished statue it makes measures 13 1/2 inches tall for the head, 15 1/2 for the body and 12 inches for the tail. Each section is about 13 to 15 inches wide and when set up as shown the whole dragon is about 4 feet long!  The head and tail sections have very small seams which are undetectable when finished. Despite the large size this is a EYE catcher. And because it is so unique, it is an amazing seller. We sell them as fast as we can make them. The statue is made with high quality concrete and with proper care will last for years. It is designed for heavy traffic, stained and sealed middle section heavest at 70 lbs

      Front View        head weight 52 lbs

Tail section     weight 51 

This tail section has a heart on the tail, How Cute ! 

 Large 3 Piece  Garden Dragon

 $140   $190 

3 Piece English Dragon

3 piece English dragon plain concrete  

 CONCRETE English Dragon lawn ornament will dazzle your friends

.Price plain concrete $ 60

3 piece English dragon STAINED 

English 3 piece Dragon is 3.5 feet long once set up.

middle pieces can be obtained to make this statue longer

 .Stained PRICE $100

Large Dragon Skull

Large Dragon Skull.

This very large Dragon skull , is full of detail, showing its fear some power of the worlds past, stained sealed made from concrete , this skull should last a life time standing 11 inches long and 6 wide and 6 tall, impress your friends!

   $ 30.00

Sleeping Baby Dragon Statues

Sleeping Baby Dragon Statue.

Sleeping Baby Dragon statue is  14 inches long 11 wide and 8 high, Lawn Ornaments or Garden Statues

Price concrete $60.00

Price stained $85.00


Asian Garden Dragon

Asian Dragon Garden Statue

Unique and rich in detail, theAsian Dragon Garden Statue, will look equally lovely in any room of your home or among the backyard flowers. Treasured as a good luck symbol in many cultures, this Small Dragon statue can bring good fortune - and good taste - to any of your indoor or outdoor living spaces.The dragon is traditionally associated with East direction and it is believed that placing an image of a dragon on the East side of your home or office will protect you from negative energy and will bring great fortune. measuring 24 inches long, 7 high and 7 wide... we cast 10 a year so order early, dragon statue for sale

The Chinese dragon is the symbol of protection and success. 

Price concrete $ 35  Price stained $ 49.95



Gothic Baby Dragon Sundial

Gothic Baby Dragon Sundial

 Gothic Baby Dragon Statue Sundial is a unique and individualized accent for your garden setting. Made from beautiful and durable concrete,  making it a truly stunning garden accent. The sundial will develop a distinct and original patina over time, adding to its overall beauty and aesthetic. This charming sundial is sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your garden setting.
Product Dimensions: 13"L x 13"W x 8"T, weighs 15 lbs Made to fit matching pedestal bases 

Price Concrete only $30



Gargoyle Stepping Stone

18 by 18 inches Gargoyle Stepping Stones

Cost $15

Dragon Patio Stone

Large Dragon Oriental  Patio Stone.

This  16" x 2" thick. Loaded with detail and very elegant decorative dragon stone, stained and sealed or just plane, The dragon is traditionally associated with East direction and it is believed that placing an image of a dragon .on the East side of your home or garden will protect you from negative energy and will bring great fortune

Plain $15    stained $30.00 


Dragon Head

Dragon Head

The Dragon Head is Approx. 7 x 6 x 3 inches has great detail measuring 7 inches by 6 inches, made from concrete and stained and sealed can be hung or expoxyed to other cement objects like walls, Garden planters. Should last a life time if treated with care and respect. Has a hanger on the back

Price Plain Concrete$ 25.00  Price stained sealed $40


Grim Reaper Skull

 The Grim Reaper Skull.

This Grim Reaper Skull has great detail, stained sealed, stands 7 inches long 5 inches wide  by 6 and a half inches tall, great detail, used as fence post caps or in your home or garden

Price Plain Concrete $20.00.      Stained Price35

Human Skull



Human Skull.

 from concrete this Human Skull can be used as a Incents holder, stained sealed, this statue is  7 inches long 5 inches wide.  It has a hanger on the back.

plain concrete $5.00

Price stained $12.00


Dragon Face

 Face of Dragon Statue

Dragon face is made from concrete stained sealed, 11 inches long and 4 inches wide, stained and pained Teeth and Horns with glow in the dark paint

       Price Plain Concrete $29.99  Price  Stained$ 49.00 

Concrete Fairy Door

Concrete Fairy Door

This small concrete Fairy Door, has small Dragon Fly's on the door with handle and hinge's, come stained, this will make a mystic look to your space.

Plain concrete $5.00

Price stained $15





 RIP concrete tombstone

This tombstones that measure 18" H x 9" w x up to 2"  

Price Plain $10

Price Stained $15

Skull Concrete Tombstone

This awesome tombstones that measure 15"L x 8" W x  1.5" thick.

Price Plain $10. 

Stained Price $15

Concrete Grim Reaper Tombstone

This awesome grim reaper tombstones that measure 20"H x 14"W x almost 2" thick

Price  Plain$20

Price Stained $25

Nymph Fairy Statue

Nymph Fairy Statue Large

This is a Large Pixie Fairy statue, comes stained or just plain concrete, This statue will enhance any garden. This statue has lots of extras including a flower arrangement in her hands along with several small animals at her feet

Price Concrete only  $ 129.00
Price Stained   $175


Myth Plaques

Born To Ride Wall Plaque 

This Born to Ride wall plaque stone is 11 inches by 8 inches great detail 1and 1/2 inches thick, this Plaque was made for a bikers garden  plaque

Price plain $5.00

Price Stained $15


Wiccan Celtic Old Law Plaque

This Wiccan Celtic old Law Plaque, words come from the 3 laws of Wiccan Law, found in the Book Of Secrets, This Plaque is made for out or in sude use, made from concrete with a hanger. Size 15 inch wide and 11 inches tall, This would be great in any White Witches or Celtic Garden Theme

Price Plain $10

Price Stained $20.00 

Serenity Plaque 

decorative Serenity Garden or Wall Plaque, has the Serenity verse on it , stained and sealed made from concrete, has a hanger on the back, this Item is in great demand and is sold at a cheap price to help the cause and message of the verse, this verse means different things to each of us....

.Price Plain Concrete $10

Price Stained$20


Gargoyle Face Plaque or Bench Leg Embellishment

Gargoyle Face or Bench Leg Embellishment.

10 inch by 9 inch Gargoyle Face has great detail and also can be used on our Bench Leg as a embellishment to add to your Mystic decor in your Personal Garden, teeth are painted with Glow in the dark Paint , we also put a metal hanger on the back, so it may be hung in door or out, sealed and stained to bring out the detail;

Price Plain $5

Price Stained $15.00. 


Shipping very expensive and normally starts at ten times the price of my statues to as much as twenty eight times the price and all have to be wooden crated before shipped, customer s arrange all shipping crating and pickup and delivery.

All Shipping is arranged by Customers

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