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Bird Bath Information


What Will My Bird Bath Do for ME?.

   For Birds and Animals Fresh Clean Clear WATER is a NECESSITY in Life. If a Bird Can find Clean Water at the same spot, the bird will make a daily spot to visit. Parents will bring their young to drink and bath daily. Their nothing like seeing a baby Robin, having its first bath. Water will attract many species of birds including blue Jays, Robins,Wrens, Finch, Chickadee, along with doves, Red Breasted Sparrows, just to name a few. Also a Bird Bath will Esthetically bring your yard or space to life. This is also a small start to  increasing the value of your home. Having a garden, landscaping, Statues, Fountains. can increase the value of your home by as much as %20. Having a quiet space that you can relax can decrease your blood pressure. These are all great reason's why you should have your own Bird Bath.

What Kind Of Bird Bath is The Best ?

  No Deeper Then 3 Inches Deep., If deeper place a statue base or rocks in the bowl to allow birds to stand of all sizes or a sprinkler system so birds like humming birds can fly threw  Made from Concrete as the concrete will last for years as long as taken care in the winter by taking the bowl off and placing it on a piece of wood of the ground for the winter. After a few years the concrete will become less slippery and birds will be able to perch on and spot as a Patina  will grow on the cement, also concrete is heavy and less chance of it being stolen.

Where should my Bird Bath be Located ?

NOT WHERE CATS CAN HIDE....Trees should have branches hanging over Bird Bath about 3 feet above, but the trunk not be close..Birds can fly to the branchs above them for escape. Also the bowl should be on a pedestal rising it off the ground. in a 3 foot open space is the perfect spot. The second most important thing, to be able to see it from your space and from a window, so you can enjoy it as much as the birds. The hose  should be able to reach for re filling. Never let dry, keep filled with clean water, clean a few times per year with soap and water rinse well.


We suggest Turning your bowl up side down on a piece of plywood to make a barrier from the ground here in Canada. But if you want to keep the birds happy and alive all winter the only method in Canada is the electric Heater made for birdbaths, the solar method will work down south in USA but not in Canada or US States close to our Border, Remember a bird Feeder will also help keep our flying friends feed, this will increase your birds and animals, Squirrels and birds will use it in the winter.

How Do I prepare my land for a Bird Bath or Fountain ?

cut out a area a small bit larger then the base, fill that area with crushed rock, Level area, place base and level


Care of Concrete Products

It is best to place your concrete statuary product on pavement, black top, brick, or crushed rock and on a higher surface.  This will help water drain away from the base of the item thereby reducing problems that could occur in severe cold winter months if too much is absorbed into the concrete.  In addition, water should not be allowed to collect and freeze inside any section of the statuary item as ice expansion will cause breakage; this applies to birdbaths, fountain bowls and shells, planters, dishes, and areas in a statue that allow water to collect.  In the cold winter months the bowls should be drained and turned over, then covered, OR LAYED ON A PEICE OF PLYWOOD or stored inside. For planters, pots, and troughs, the drain holes should be kept clear so that water will always drain out and will not accumulate and freeze, or turn up side down.  Unique Casting ensures that micro-air entrainment technology is used in the concrete so that freeze-thaw damages are much reduced, but following these precautionary measures will also help to maintain the ornament's beauty over many years.



Concrete, which is made to cast stone standards to ensure freeze-thaw resistance to the extreme cold, wet and subzero conditions that are experienced in Northern climates.  The freeze- thaw occurs when wet concrete sitting on moist surfaces absorbs water then undergoes several freezing and thawing cycles over the winter months.  This stress on the concrete normally causes shaleing or flaking, and eventually can cause breakage to even normal concrete.  However, if the concrete has been made to sub standards (sandy mixtures) and for warmer weather climates and from abroad, then the concrete will have no chance at all of surviving harsh weather, and will eventually breakdown.

 Freeze-thaw resistance concrete is achieved by Unique Castings using a micro-air ingredient in the cement / aggregate mixture so that the concrete can achieve a more stable structure containing micro pours that allow proper absorption of moisture without allowing large water pockets to accumulate water and freeze.  In short, the concrete is of a far superior type, and the same as that used in large architectural pieces that are seen on century old buildings.  This type of concrete can be left outdoors for 12 months of the year.

 Concrete is then cured properly to allow it to achieve the proper strength. Even though statuary is reinforced, it can still break if subjected to forces in the wrong direction.  Concrete will also break by water collecting in bowls, pots, urns, fountains, and stature pickets, and then freezing.  The freezing water then expands thus causing breakage.  So it is necessary to dismantle and turn over, or cover, any piece of outdoor statuary that collects water. Any Questions please call


All Concrete Stained Products should be sealed with a concrete sealer every second Year, Depending where you live, 


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