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Concrete Frog with Guitar


Concrete Frog with Guitar

 Concrete Frog sitting on a Mushroom playing his Guitar comes stained and just plain concrete,  13 inches Tall and 9 inches wide .Weight 10 lbs

Plain  Price $24.99
Cost Colored $39.99 


Garden Frog With Cello


  Garden Frog with Cello

14 inches Tall 6 wide and it's weight is 10 lbs, made from concrete stained not painted, Garden Frog Statue

 Price $24.99
 Cost Stained $39.99 

Winking Frog

Winking Garden Frog

 6 inch tall Garden Frog made with the greatest detail, tongue sticking out ready to catch that fly. stained and sealed for long lasting color,  Fast seller.

Price $19.99 


Garden Frog Bikini couple


Garden Frog Couple with Bikini

 Couple of Garden Frog out on a date, sitting on a edge wearing a Bikini. Concrete Garden Frog Statue, needs a flat surface like a edge of a bench to sit on.

Cost Colored $35
plain concrete $25



Frog Garden Sun Dial

Garden Frog Time Piece.

 Small  but cute Garden Frog Clock Time stone is Unique, 4 inches by 4 inch, great for green houses and gardens

Price $ 10.00



Medium sized Garden Frog

altMedium Garden Frog

13 pounds in weight 14"  by 5 inches in size and 5" thick, Garden Frog is a great size for any space made from solid concrete


Plain $30  Cl $ 44.99.


Extra Large Frog Statue


Extra Large Concrete Frog

This is  our largest frog weighing in at 72   lbs . 13 inches Tall , 14 .5 inches wide and 18 inches deep, this frog will stand out in any yard a must for frog lovers, Made from concrete stained and sealed for out door use.

Price no Stain $50
Price $79.95  



Frog on a Ball  statue

Garden Frog On a Leaf

Garden Frog on a leaf comes stained or just plain concrete, 9 inches tall and 6 wide and deep,

Plain $15

Stained  $25 


Tree Frog


Tree Frog

As the name implies, these frogs are typically found in very tall trees or other high-growing vegetation. They do not normally descend to the ground, except to mate and spawn. Many tree frogs can change their color for better camouflage, 7 inches by 5 inches great detail

Plain $15.00

Price $ 24.99



Concrete Frog Sitter

altConcrete Frog Single Sitter

 Sitting Concrete Frog is used on a ledge or our Garden Frog bench, his legs hang over the edge. This frog sits on our Umbrella Bench found on the bench Page, see picture Weight 6 lbs  Bench Not Included

 Cost  $20

Colored  $ 35



Garden frog on Wood


Garden frog on Wood

Garden frog on Wood is a concrete statue of a frog sitting on a piece of wood, back yard art Lawn Ornaments garden statues

plain $15  colored $25


Concrete Frog Statue with Crown

Concrete Frog Statue with Crown




Concrete Frog Statue, Lawn Ornaments of a Garden Frog Statue with Crown, 4' BY 4 Inches, small can be used with other concrete items to brighten up spaces and give them a out door feeling of Nature

Plain cost $5

Colored $10



Sitting Water Concrete Frog

Sitting Water Concrete Frog 

Sitting water Concrete frog is a great addition to any Pond or fountain or just soaking up the ray's in your Birdbath or Garden., lot's of Detail  for years of Enjoyment

Cost $ 15.00


Concrete Frog on Rock

Concrete Frog on Rock

Concrete Frog will fit good in any garden, helps keep the bugs out, 6" tall, 6" wide and 7" deep,  Good Gift for frog lovers lawn ornaments

 Price $15

Cost Colored $20


Single Frog with Bench and Umbrella

Single Concrete Frog With Bench

This cute concrete frog comes with a bench to sit on under his umbrella, the umbrella can be painted any color as it is aluminum and will not rust, this will look great in any setting, We make 10 per year, Frog Statue

Cost Colored $49.99




Garden Frog Bird Feeder.

This New Design of a Garden Frog Birdbath has the most detail of any of our Birdbaths and will not be matched in the Provence 
21 1/2" High 8" x 9 " at the base 
10 1/2" in diameter on the top

Plain Concrete Price $65
Price Stained $89.99



Double Sitter Garden Frog Bench












Double Garden Frog Sitter Bench Only

Garden frog bench for small frog statues have a umbrella on the bench, the umbrella is made of aluminum then painted and sealed, the bench is stained like wood, pick from several frogs in our collection to sit on your bench

Plain concrete Price $ 39.99

Stained  $ 59.99  Frog not included


Concrete Frog Statue

 Fishing Frog

Frog statue going fishing is 12.5 in, this item is on sale for this summer,  we make 8 a years, so order early 

Price $25 plain concrete

Concrete Fishing Frog Statue

 Frog Statue going fishing is 12.5 inches Tall, this item is on sale for this summer, Lawn Ornaments

Price stained $39.99

Meditating Frog

alt alt

Meditating Concrete Frog.

 Zen Concrete Frog is a great gift for some one who is in to mediation and is a great addition to any space . Lawn Ornaments, Bark Yard Art

Price Plain $35

                             Price colored $50


Faith Frog Hexagon plaque Stone with Lilies

Faith Frog Hexagon plaque Stone with Lilies

This Frog Lillie plaque is 11 inches wide and 10 top to bottom, this is very thin and light, comes either plain concrete or stained. add this to your garden or great for a gift, concrete last for years..

Price plain concrete $5    Stained Sealed $15.00



Frog & Lilly Pad Concrete Bench

Frog & Lilly Pad Concrete Bench

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