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Unique Lawn Garden Statue

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Unique Lawn Garden Statues

       Our sculptures and  statues are sand casted by hand and hand stained with precision and care. No two are exactly alike!.  Some statues take up to 2 weeks to complete. We love animals and Gargoyles/Dragon's and  have quite a variety. We try to bring out the animals personality with unmatched realisim. Some of our customer's remarkd "THAT'S MY DOG". We take pride in in each piece we cast and strive to make our work affordable, so that people can enjoy it as much as we do!  All lawn Ornaments, Bird Baths ,Tables, Fountains are made here by our Family in Sambro,Halifax HRM, Nova Scotia, Canada. 



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Lawn Ornaments statues that are Unique


Dragons, Gargoyles, Myths, Gods.

Some of our statues and lawn ornaments have some mythical past or superstition behind them, like dragons. Dragons can be found in 2 cultures, the Asians & Europeans. The Asians  for thousands of years held the dragon as a creature from the past. The European's have plenty of story's of Dragons and Castles, their dragons blew flames. Gargoyles had superstition in that they Protected the home's and garden's from evil spirits, and statues were used as water spouts on Victorian building's. Easter Island Head's were old chiefs of the Tribe, that after their passing, heads were carved out of stone and set up around the island to protect them. 


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Home Made Concrete Statues

A list of our unique statues we make at home.

Concrete yard art, concrete statues, chess  and checker tables Benches, Cherubs,Angels,Clam Shell Birdbaths, Easter Island Heads, Gnomes. Tiki Solar Light Holders, Meerkats, Rabbits, Turtles and Turtle Planters, Grape Vine Pedestals, Fluted Pedestal, Tulip Bird bath, Dragons, Gargoyles, African Head Dress, Tiki Totem pole, Dragon Face, Sea Serpent, Fleur De Lis Bench, Lobsters, Fish, Bumble Bee, Guardian Monk Statue, Pug Dog Water Dish, Grim Reaper Statue, Dragon skull statue, Fire Boy Statue, Soldier Boy Statue made from Concrete cheap prices, Frog Bird Bath concrete, Frog, St Francis Bird Feeder,Large Sphinx, Concrete Bench, Terracotta Warrior Statue concrete, canon, Doberman, angel bird feeder. pre cast, statuary ,Pagodas, Flower Bed Borders, Neptune Face, English Dragon 3 Piece, Cow

  MADE HERE IN Sambro, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dog Breed Patio Stones ,Gremlin, Gizmo, Poison Oak Tree Face, Garden Stones, Cocker Spaniel Dog Statue, Bull Dog Statue, I Love My dog Breed Stone, Tuscany Column, Frog Welcome Sigh, Born to Ride Garden Plaque, Light House Statue, Anchors, Eagle Bench, Cherub Bench, Dove concrete Bench, Paw Print Patio stone, Lions, Lion king statue, Jesus Cross, Pig Welcome Sign, St Jude, Confucious,  Chubby Face , Pet Memorial Stone, Concrete Urn's, Ladybugs, Butterfly pedestal. Bear welcome sign, Concrete Flowers,Shield, French Pleurant,  Nautical Items,Concrete Lawn Ornaments Halifax Nova Scotia, Elephant sitting, Elephant Standing,, Fountain, Large Bird Bath, Mini Bird Bath, Mermaid, Foo Dogs, Chinese Foo Lions

Hours of Operations

  Please call for any Items or orders or email us on the form, at the bottom of each page
Call  902-346-2020, no tax as we are a small company..


Summer Hours  Open April 1 - October 6

 by appointment or Sundays and Mondays

 Call 1-902-346-2020 

Winter Hours October 7 to March 30
Closed all winter 
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